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The Disney-Dreamworks Feud
By Zeus | 2007-07-27
Ever since Antz and Bug's Life, Disney and Dreamworks have fought a series of duels, unleashing animated films with strikingly similiar premises. From The Wild & Madagascar to Ratatouille & Flushed Away, Zeus exposes the gory details.


Movies So Bad They HAD to Reboot the Series

Star Trek Nemesis
By Zeus | 2014-03-25
After Phantom Menace hit, Trekkies was eager to show George Lucas how it was really done. And, credit where credit is due, they did one-up George Lucas. Because nobody kills a franchise like Paramount.

Halloween: Resurrection
By Zeus | 2012-10-31
Plot twists can make or break a movie. Halloween: Resurrection opens with twist so stupid, it broke the franchise.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 4: The Next Generation
By Zeus | 2009-02-24
Renée Zellweger? Matthew McConaughey? If Hostel is considered torture porn, then Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation is torture romantic comedy.

Die Another Day
By Zeus | 2009-02-10
This movie was Jinxed from the start. The credits say it all: Pierce Brosnan as James Bond, in Die Another Day, STARRING HALLE BERRY. Things go downhill from there.

Normal Reviews

Terminal Invasion movie review
By Zeus | 2011-01-13
The first Bruce Campbell Sci-Fi Channel movie of the week. Passengers in a snowed-in airport realize that aliens walk among them, and it's up to The Chin to save the day.


Superman is a Nazi
By Mars | 2010-05-28
Superman was huge buisness in the 80's. Movie after movie danced across the screen as audiences across the globe cheered on their favorite superhero superman. But times change. And now as it turns out, a white guy who claims to be superhuman and has no minority friends isn't as politically correct as it once was...

I don't watch movies with McLovin in them
By Mars | 2010-05-02
Mars really, really hates McLovin.

5 Things Zombie Movies Stole from Night of the Living Dead
By The Zeus| 2011-03-08
Every gimmick designed to set zombies apart from Romero's can be traced back to the original Night of the Living Dead.

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