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Reintroducing Yellowphant

Dr. Crunch

Everyone's favorite 'phant is back! Reintroducing Yellowphant, youngest member of the Shorties, or at least a self-proclaimed permanent baby. For those of you who've never had the pleasure, Yellowphant is a blustery lover of adventure, the ladies, and, of course, random fits of rage.

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Reintroducing Dr. Crunch

Dr. Crunch

Everyone's favorite frog is back! Reintroducing Dr. Ebenezer Crunch, the crotchetiest member of the Shorties. For those of you who've never had the pleasure, Dr. Crunch is a blustery lover of strategy, the Queen, and, of course, eating people's legs.

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Which Cocky, Crowd-Pleasing WWE Superstar Is The Next "The Rock"?
By Bucket Bros | 2007-11-07
Although he will always remain The People's Champion, Duane 'Rocky "The Rock" Mayavia' Johnson hasn't wrestled in years. Which wrestler WWE Superstar should fans turn to next?

911 Changed 1984
By Mars | 2008-02-03
Having fun? probably not. Because 911. 911 changed everything that happened before 911. For example, 911 changed 1984.

Mr. Pig's Pigsionary
By Mr. Pig | 2007-12-17
The only true dictionary the pigsionary, is available to big larry jerkheads for the first time ever. Enjoy!

Cooking with Mr. Pig
By Mars | 2007-10-15
Welcome to cooking with Mr. Pig. Today's recipe: Donut Sandwhiches.

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