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Airheads (1994) Review
Beef and Mac Movie Cops

The Goonies (1985) - Map
Wait a minute, these guys are airheads! The title finally makes sense!

MAC: Die Hard was so popular it became a sub-genre all to itself. From Under Siege to Speed to Air Force One, half the action movies from the 90s can be described as "It's Die Hard on an X." I'm honestly surprised more movies haven't poked fun at the formula. Besides Paul Blart: Mall Cop, this is the only one I can think of. The twist here is that Airheads is told from the perspective of the hostage-takers, a wannabe rock band named The Lone Rangers. Here the John McClane character is super annoying, either as sly jab at Die Hard, or because he's played by Michael Richards.

Airheads (1994) - Sandler
Insert Sandler Brand Observational Humor Here

BEEF: If Airheads was made today, it would be a Happy Madison production. It would star an aging Adam Sandler playing himself as an aging bitter Hollywood jewish comedian. It would also have several of his washed out friends, such as the Paul Blart guy and Rob Schnider. I'd like to think it was written by those Lost assholes. And while it's directed by Martin Scorsese, he insisted on copious amounts of Jonah Hill in every scene.

Airheads (1994) - Farley
If this movie has a cow bell it needs more of, it's this dumbell.
Airheads (1994) - Frasier
Brendan Frasier ruled the 90s. Heavy is the head that wears the crown, or the six pound hair metal wig.

MAC: This movie is as 90s as it gets, from the stop motion title credits to the cast: Adam Sandler, Brendan Frasier, Steve Buscemi, David Arquette, Chris Farley -- all of whom blew up after the film was released. But it also has old-guard cameos from two of the Ghostbusters! Yes, Ernie Hudson and Harold Ramis show up long enough to collect a paycheck and make geezers like me jump out of their chair. Airheads would make a good double feature with Empire Records. The rooftop concert ending is the same, and they both have loveable dimwits who show a lot of skin. In Empire Records, it's Renée Zellweger. Here, it's Adam Sandler. On second thought, if you can't find a copy of Airheads, just watch Empire Records on slow motion.

Airheads (1994) - Richards
Michael Richards is like, "Must contain the tirade... must contain the tirade..."

BEEF: Every time I'm sticking up an easy listening radio station with a squirt gun, being in irony-free anachronistic late-70s sunset strip metal band in the 1990s, or zoning out and watching Bobo and the Brain Guy instead of finishing this joke, I fondly remember Airheads.

Airheads (1994) - Buscemi
Fresh off the Mothership, Steve Buscemi's human disguise was at its most convincing.
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