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Arc Rise Fantasia is the Best RPG Since Arc the Lad: Twilight of The Spirits

Arc Rise Fantasia
by Mars | 2011-01-07

Even Dragon Age: Origins is too modern for it's own good, putting real time combat (with pause) a plot straight out of Oblivion and too many fake role-playing decisions that lead to the same basic outcome regardless of the choices made by the player (Good plot beats multiple choice answers every time, sorry A-RPG's.)

But enough about the competition. Here's what makes this Overhated and Underrated game, Arc Rise Fantasia is so damn awesome you'll probably shit your pants twice while playing it at least.


Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii is old school without being boring, second rate, portable or budget friendly. In other words no apologies are offered for the fact that this is a turn based JRPG released for a major home console in 2010, and that's what makes it rock like 1994.

There's a real overworld map, an airship that you can upgrade with autopilot (takes you right where you need to go) and faster speed (to catch up with that pesky Rogress boss that fly's away from you extra fast.)

There are evil politicians with angel wings

Pseudo Judaism and Christianity

It's got a supercomputer gemstone god that controls the worlds DNA (called Code in the game)


It's got elemental gems it uses for it's magic system

It's not on the DS

It was released this year

It's the first in the series not the tenth or twentieth

I could go on and on and probably should because this is one of the most overlooked games in gaming's history.


There are four basic types of magic: fire, water, wind and earth. And then four split elements: light, dark, lightning and ice. You need to equip the right gems to cast the right spells, but the only way to use the split elements is to equip both basic elements (equip a lev 2 fire gem and a lev 2 wind gem, and you can then also use lev 2 light magic which includes the handy spell regeneration. then you can cast the same spell more than once, or at the same time as another character, or cast a spell that corresponds with a gemstone on the battlefield map to amplify the damage or curative ability of the spell.

I hate the trend of JRPGs all being put on the DS. Look, I know it's sold a bazillion units or whatever but seriously RPGs are one of the Holy Cows of the gaming industry. Consoles wouldn't be anything like they are today if not for RPGs along with their infinitely more popular (These Days) subgenres, Action RPGs and Strategy RPGs.

If it wasn't for games with RPG in the genre's name, consoles would just be glorified jumping and shooting Simulation machines.


And don't get me started on MMORPGs. They are the reality TV of the gaming industry. A sub-genre of the RPG devoid of plot, character design, or game structure where all you do is level up.

Arc Rise Fantasia is the game to buy in 2010. Even if you already have a copy, go out and buy another one. We the old grumpy gamer people demand a true sequel (No FFX2 Nonsense). Of course, given the plot of the game, a great sequel is almost guaranteed whether or not the storyline is directly continued, so long as they make another game in the Arc Rise Fantasia series.


If you loove Final Fantasy 6
If you love Chrono Trigger
If you remember the 90s
(No not the OJ Simpson trial, the awesome video games!!!) This game is definitely for you.

— Mars (click to e-mail the author).

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