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Beef goes AWOL on the MCU

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I sure can't wait to see Independence Day: Resurgence. Just kidding, all the joy and anticipation I once had for upcoming films has been robbed from me by Disney's wicked Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Who will be on team Captain America? Who will be on team Iron Man? Isn't it amazing that Robert Downey JR signed up for Civil War even after getting injured on the set of Iron Man 3 and saying he was going to retire his Iron Man character? Will Don Cheadle of War Machine fame, take over as Iron Man like in the comics I have never read yet know so much about?

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Please, no spoilers. I have not listened to any of the countless podcasts from Americans who went to Hong Kong to catch a pre USA screening of the film for the boundless social media currency such an early screening provides. The sad part is, I hated Winter Soldier for taking the emphasis away from Cap and now I can't wait to see Civil War which will no doubt be even less of a proper Captain America film. What kind of monster have I become?

Compared to last year what with it's Jurrassic park, Star Wars and Avengers, this seems like a bit of an off year for movies to be honest. But Jeff Goldblum will save the world from aliens, probably by shoving an I-phone up their slimy butts, so I suppose all is right with the world. I'm not sure if I will succumb to the thursday madness of opening night or wait a few extra days and cut down on the crowd with a sunday showing of Civil War, but either way, I'm going to be in for a treat. I already have Spider Man and Black Panther spoiled for me, but I'm sure there will still be a few good suprises.

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After the unexpectedly great Batman VS Superman, Marvel and Mickey have some serious competition from DC for the first time in a long time. I say let the games begin. In the immortal words of Shang Tsung, IT HAS BEGUN!

I just saw Cap 3. Best MCU movie since Iron Man one? Possibly. Funny throughout with an effortless introduction of the gay dumpster diving mac fixing hipster tween take on spider man. War Machine seems to be going through the injury plot that Iron man had in the civil war books. Great action scenes that will leave you busting a gut with their slapstick sense of humor. The "civil war" gang vs gang fight is near perfect. Ant Man is awesome again, and becomes HUGE! The showdown between cap and Iron man is epic, if not quite as good as the Batman VS superman showdown. Go buy five packs of skittles for a free ticket. No, really. That's a thing.

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