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Bloody Good Time Game Guide

By Zeus | 2011-01-17 (Updated: 2011-01-28) | v1.1.1

Bloody Good Time title


This Bloody Good Time guide is a walkthrough--er, work in progress. The FAQ and Hints & Tips second is coming soon, so email me your questions, corrections or boasts!

If Doom is a gladiatorial deathmatch and Team Fortress 2 is a sports game where the balls are replaced by bullets, then Bloody Good Time is a snuff film whose cast is made up entirely of serial killers.

Bloody Good Time is not like other first person shooters. For one, you're just as likely to whack opponents with a frying pan as fill them with lead. Beyond a healthy dose of melee combat, Bloody Good Time is a game of cunning and deception, careful planning and deadly strikes.

At first you probably won't know what to make of it. Players are assigned a Quarry each round, a single target they're allowed to kill only once. They have to walk around with their weapons holstered or get busted by security, and need to make frequent trips to the bathroom. What gives? I'll tell you what: One of my all-time favorite games! And although it can be a bit bewildering at first, this guide will help.


Basic Concepts

What happens in vegas...

The Hunt is Bloody Good Time's flagship game mode. It doesn't play like other FPS games, so here's a quick list of things to keep in mind.

  • Kills aren't as important as Fame. Kill someone with a five-star weapon and you'll get five points of Fame. Kill them with a two-star weapon and you'll never catch up with the other players. Weapon Star Values change each round, so keep an eye on your mini-map for high rated (red or orange) weapons.
  • You can only kill your Quarry once each scene. Make it count. This is the hardest thing for new players to grasp. You can only kill your Quarry (whose name is red) once per round. After that, they count as innocents (whose names are blue), and killing innocents costs you Fame.
  • Guard yourself against your Hunter. Another player is assigned to hunt you. They look innocent until they attack, then their name turns red. You can kill your Hunter multiple times per scene. Hunters (and random attacking players) are worth +1 Fame, regardless of your weapon's star rating.
  • Watch out for security guards. If security catches you killing someone, they'll taser you and take back the Fame. If you walk around with a weapon drawn, they'll confiscate it. Follow your Quarry to an isolated location before you strike. If an alarm goes off, run like hell until you shake the guards or find a disguise.
  • Satisfy Your Needs. As time goes on, your Needs meters drain, reducing your speed, defense and attack. Replenish speed by sleeping in beds or chairs, defense by using the toilet, and attack by eating or drinking. It's best to do this between scenes, when Hunters can't attack you.

Quick Walkthrough

When you start a game of The Hunt, Bloody Good Time's flagship game mode, you have 70 seconds before the scene starts. You aren't allowed to kill anyone until the scene begins and you're assigned a Quarry. Here's how to fill the calm before the storm.

1. Locate high Star Value weapons on the Map.

Map & Fame For Kill table

Check your map for weapons with high Star Values, which show up as red or orange gun icons. If you come across an effective weapon, like Assault Rifle or Shotgun, it's a good idea to pick it up even if the Star Value is low. (For more information, see Weapons.)

2. Track down your Quarry once the scene begins.

Locate Your Quarry

The red bulls-eye icon on the Mini-Map represents your Quarry. Elevation is marked with up or down arrows; in this example, she's on a lower floor.

On the top-right side of the screen is your Quarry's name, face, hitpoints and most importantly, current location ("Cellar"). Once you memorize the level layout, you can track your Quarry by current location alone, but until then, check the Map and Mini-Map for rooms that are flashing yellow. There, you'll find your Quarry.

3. Kill your Quarry with a high Star Value weapon.

Dead Quarry Remember, it's better to wait and find a weapon with high Star Value than to kill your Quarry with any old thing. If you're having trouble killing with high Star Value weapons (it's hard to take on a well-armed Quarry with a Frying Pan) and there's less than a minute on the clock, it's fine to settle for a low Fame kill using a more effective weapon, like the Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Syringe or Rocket Launcher.

During The Hunt, you only get to kill your Quarry once per scene. After that, their portrait changes to a skull and blood splatter, and you'll actually lose fame if you kill them again before the beginning of the next scene.

4. When the scene ends, fill your Needs Meters.

Needs By the end of the round, your Need Meters are going to be empty, draining your speed, defense and attack power. Try not to fill them during the scene, or your Hunter might find you and get a +5 Fame Insta-Kill. (Dying on the toilet can be humiliating--just ask Elvis.)

  • Beds, couches & chairs refill Fatigue (speed)
  • Toilets refill Waste (defense)
  • Dinner tables, pizzas and bars refill Hunger (attack)

During the downtime between scenes, it can be tempting to run around grabbing weapons, but right before the new round, weapon Star Values change. (Weapons frequently used in murders are demoted, and rarely used weapons are promoted.) You don't want to collect +5 Star weapons, only to have them drop in Value before you have a chance to use them, so do your weapon gathering after the next scene begins, when the new Values are in place.

Game Modes

The majority of this guide is written with The Hunt in mind. In a Deathmatch game (or Blood Money Bonus Scene), everyone is both your Quarry and Hunter, but most of the advice applies.

The Hunt

The Hunt Bloody Good Time's flagship game mode is The Hunt. Each player is assigned a Quarry to kill, and is in turn hunted by another player. The Hunt is broken down into short rounds called scenes. Now and then there'll be a bonus scene: Bloody Money works like Deathmatch, The Infected is a zombie-based game of tag, Scene Stealer has players fighting over who gets to hold a statue, and Hunt the Leader sends everyone after the player with the highest points.


Deathmatch It's pretty much like any other game's deathmatch mode. You don't lose a point for dying, which makes suicide tactics (melee Robo-Rat!) all the more appealing. Even though it's a free-for-all, security is still out to stop you, and weapons still have star values.

Elimination & Revenge

Elimination Revenge

Variations on The Hunt. I haven't had a chance to play these enough to formulate many strategies. No one plays these modes on Xbox Live, and PC owners go for The Hunt or Deathmatch most of the time.

I suppose I could play against the AI, but that'd give me a pretty skewed idea of what to do. Maybe I'll write more later.

Bonus Scenes

Unless you're in a Deathmatch, you'll encounter Bonus Scenes. Blood Money and Scene Stealer are the two biggest opportunities for advancement. Play your cards right and with any luck, you can snag +30 or +40 Fame. If you don't know what you're doing, The Infected can really suck, because it's easy to lose Fame. Finally, Hunt the Leader doesn't offer much more opportunity for advancement than your standard scene. And if you're The Leader, you can wind up losing more Fame than a bad round of The Infected.

The Infected

The Infected A game of zombie tag where you don't want to be 'it'. Half the players start out as infected zombies. Zombies slowly lose Fame, while survivors receive a steady Fame bonus. There's also a fog as thick and green as Linda Blair's vomit, so visibility is nil.

If you're a survivor: There are two ways to keep it that way. One, find someplace with a single entrance and put your back to the wall. The Pier is a favorite on the beach level, but passing guards tend to taze bros even if they're killing zombies. Another option is to hold up in the shotgun closet in Diego's Lobby. The second way to survive is my personal favorite: higher ground. Not only can you see 'em coming a mile away, but it can be really confusing for zombies to track a player on higher ground. Both of the rooftops offer much more room to manuver, and plus it's just more fair of a fight.

If you're a zombie: Seek out players immediately. You aren't allowed to use weapons, but you can use Murder Aids like the Stun Gun or Glue Gun to cripple a fleeing victim. Newbie players tend to cluster in throughways like Poolside or the Beach, while experienced players use one of the two strategies mentioned above.

In Summary

  • Survivors: Grab long-range weapons and find high ground or an enclosed area.
  • Zombies: Boost your Speed and use Murder Aids that freeze your prey in their tracks.

Blood Money

Blood Money

Time to cut loose! You've been a good little serial killer, now it's time for some good old fashioned mass murder.

You're free to kill anyone as many times as possible, so grab the highest rated effective weapon you can find: Shotguns and Assault Rifles are great "point and kill" weapons, while Rocket Launchers, Remote Bombs, Robo-Rats and Molotovs can take out whole crowds. If you're having trouble scoring a lot of kills with the 5-star weapons (if they're Baseball Bat and Frying Pan, for example), you can rack up a lot of kills just planting yourself on Waterfall Rock with a 2-star Rocket Launcher or Sniper Rifle.

Like oldschool Doom deathmatches, killing is a lot more important than not being killed, so prioritize keeping your Hunger and Fatigue meters full. If you take out three guys with a five-star Remote Bomb, it won't matter you're killed by some other guy--you're still fourteen points ahead.

In Summary

  • Go for weapons with high Star Values and high stopping power.
  • You don't lose Fame for dying, so suicide tactics are fine.
  • If the high-star weapons suck, find a low-star sure bet like Rocket Launcher or Assault Rifle. Two +2 Fame kills are better than no +5 Fame kills.

Scene Stealer

Scene Stealer A statue appears on the map. The longer you hold onto it, the more Fame you get. Speed is the most important for everyone involved. You can't attack while holding the statue, so your only hope of survival is to outrun other players. Likewise, if you don't have the statue and have reduced speed, good luck getting any Fame this scene.

If you don't have the statue: locate it on the minimap, grab the most effective weapon you can find (Katanas or Fire Axes for up close, Assault Rifles or Shotguns for distance) and get ready to kill the guy who gets there first.

When you get the statue: run a zigzag around the most confusing parts of the level. Once you get on the beech, every player out there is going to know where to find you. But if you're winding through O'Leary, those locations are going to flicker by, and by the time they figure out where Mrs. O'Leary's Room is, you'll be halfway to O'Leary Gardens.

Hunt the Leader

Hunt the Leader Everyone hunts the player with the highest Fame. If a Hunter kills the Leader, they gain Fame according to the Star Value of their weapon, and the Leader loses -2 Fame in addition to the Star Value of the weapon. So if you're the Leader and you're killed with a +2 Star Value Shotgun, you lose -4 Fame!

Leaders gain a steady +1 Fame bonus over time and +1 Fame for each Hunter they kill.

With so many players dogpiling one guy, there's not much chance for a single Hunter to get much Fame. Most likely, a few of the Hunters will score 5 or 10 Fame. Still, it can be a fun way to wrap up a round. There's always a chance you'll get lucky and shoot up from last place.

If you're the Leader: Run like hell. You'll bump into plenty of Hunters while on the lamb, and it's better to take them out in a one-on-one duel than to have everyone swamp you at once. You only get +1 Fame for killing Hunters, but you lose -2 Fame on top of the usual amount each time you die (a 2-star weapon takes -4 Fame!). Good news is, you get a slow Fame bonus as long as you have the highest score, so try to keep it that way.

If you're a Hunter: Grab the most effective, highest rated, long range weapon you can find. Don't bother with crowd killers like the Molotov or Rocket Launcher, you'll be fined for killing fellow Hunters. If you're really close to the Leader's Fame score, you can wind up #1. But considering leaders almost always lose Fame, why bother? Unless it's the final scene, hover under his score, let HIM deal with the mess, and come out on top next round.

In Summary
  • Leader: Use Decoys and avoid combat. You only get +1 Fame for killing Hunters, but lose +2 Fame on top of the usual amount for for dying.
  • Hunter: Use high-star, long-range weapons with no splash damage.


The most important rule in Bloody Good Time is that it's not about having the most deadly weapon, but the highest rated. Weapons are assigned star-ratings. The more stars, the more Fame per kill. Getting a single five-star kill is better than a couple two-star kills, an obvious fact that's easy to forget in the heat of battle.

Each round, Director X assigns new Star Values, nerfing overly used weapons and promoting those being ignored. You can check the map screen for a current list of weapon ratings.

Unless time is running out--less than a minute on the clock--try to hold out for a higher rated weapon that will give you more Fame for the kill.

Melee Weapons

Melee weapons

With most melee weapons, hold down the attack button to raise your arms, then release to strike. There's a glitch where if you try to strike too close, your arms wiggle furiously like noodles, so make sure you're a step or two back before you raise your arms and strike. All melee weapons benefit from the Dart Gun Murder Aid, which stuns your opponent for several seconds, preventing them from running or fighting back as you merrily chop them to bits. The Glue Gun Murder Aid also prevents their flight, but not their fight, if you catch my drift.

  • Fire Axe & Katana can kill in one chop, but you need to fully raise your arms. Quick attacks aren't going to cut it.
  • Frying Pan & Baseball Bat can stun your opponent with a quick blow, allowing you to followup with a stronger attack.
  • The Knife is special. You can slash as fast as you like without needing to raise your arms. The Knife also lets you sneak behind an opponent who is busy activating a trap or using a satisfier and deliver a one-button insta-kill back-stab.
  • The Syringe is as quick as the knife, no arm-raising required. It's a bit like a fire-based weapon (see below) in that you can jab someone and run like hell.They'll be dead in seconds, so there's no reason to stick around for their funeral.
  • The Stun Gun stuns your opponent (natch), draining their health as long as you hold down the attack button and have them lined up and within range. It can dominate most melee battles, just be ready to run if the batteries die before your opponent.

Favorites: The Syringe is nice because you can quickly strike once, run like hell, and have a very good chance of killing your opponent. The Knife is deadly. I've taken down players with Katanas simply because they had to raise their arms, while I could get in there and shiv 'em quick.

Fire Weapons

Fire weapons

These weapons catch opponents on fire. This is good for several reasons. One, it only counts as assult. So if a guard spots you, he'll just confiscate your weapon. Meanwhile, your opponent is burning, and when they die, you get the full Fame score without any murder charges! Fire weapons are great if you're low on health or facing a stronger oppoent. You don't have to stick around and kill them, just light 'em up and get the hell out of there. Chances are, unless there's a nearby water source, they'll die.

If you're on fire, get to the nearest water source. The sea, pool, fountains, etc., will all put you out. If you're in a bathroom, you can also activate the shower to extinguish the flames.

  • The Flamethrower is medium range, good if you're taking on a lot of opponents at once. You can just stand there, laying the flame on for extra damage, but there's no point. They'll be dead before long, and if you stand your ground, they're just going to bust out a weapon and kill you. Flamethrowers, not the duelist's weapon of choice.
  • The Molotov is thrown, which works like a melee weapon; hold attack and release. Like the Flamethrower, you have to be careful not to hit innocents.
  • The Flare Gun has a longer range than the Flamethrower and is deadly accurate (I have more luck hitting people with the Flare Gun than the Revolver).

Favorites: I loves me some Flare Gun. It tends to shock people into a standstill. You can just keep firing at them, taking health with each shot. I've won many a duel with the Flare Gun, whereas the Flamethrower and Molotov are more, "Fire and forget it" weapons, almost requiring a hasty getaway. Plus, the Flare Gun has less of a chance of accidentally roasting innocents.

Explosive Weapons

Explosive weapons

Explosives are capable of killing whole crowds of people, so be careful during any round in which you're docked points for killing innocents--basically anyting other than Deathmatch, Blood Money, or a Hunt the Leader round with you on top. During these scenes, explosives are great. There's nothing like taking out a couple of clowns with a five-star Remote Mine.

  • The Remote Mine is thrown, like a Molotov; hold attack, release. Hit the button again to detonate. It's one of the best medium-range weapons, perfect for when you bump into someone in close quarters. While they're trying to aim, you're already hitting detonate.
  • Robo-Rat switches your view to that of a remote control bomb. You have limited battery life, but the real danger is that someone will hear the Robo-Rat's distinctive beep-beep and come looking for you. Since you're defenseless while driving a Robo-Rat, it's best to find an out of the way corner, preferably far from where you found the weapon.
  • The Rocket Launcher takes some getting used to, but it's great for newbies who want to just rack up kills. Hold attack, aim the targeting reticule at your victim until it turns red, and release to send a homing missile their way.

Favorites: I've won a lot of close-quarters battles with the Remote Mine. The Rocket Launcher is good for Deathmatches, where you can get someplace high and take people out, but it's no good for duels--if they're armed, they'll kill you long before it locks on.

Gun Weapons


In any other game, these would be the weapons to hunt for. As is, they're still some of the most effective weapons in the game, just by their stopping power. Guns are your first choice when Fame points don't matter: when defending yourself from infected zombies or an especially persistant hunter, or if you're trying to kill players at any cost (hunting the leader, taking out the statue holder).

Be careful, as the sound of gunfire can draw unwanted attention from security, nearby zombies, and other unfriendlies.

  • Assault Rifle and Shotgun can put an end to just about any close-to-mid-range battle. They can drop fleeing opponents like nobody's business, and they're great for taking out infected zombies. If you have to defend yourself, say against a Hunter, you can't really go wrong with an Assault Rifle or Shotgun. The Rifle is also good at long range, but with the Shotgun, forget it.
  • The Revolver can be hard to aim. Even if you're locked onto an opponent (Xbox 360) or targeting them with the mouce (PC), all they have to do is a bit of strafing and get close enough to hit you with a Frying Pan. It's best to use the Revolver in a sneak attack, trailing behind your Quarry and shooting them in a back.
  • Crossbow Surprisingly deadly, it only takes a couple of arrows to down an opponent. Unlike most other weapons in this category, Crossbows don't draw attention with a loud gunshot.
  • The Ray Gun slightly stuns an opponent, although they can still move and attack. It's perfect for long distances--second only to the Sniper Rifle--but don't think that the slight slowdown will keep someone from getting to you at close range, as it takes several seconds to actually kill them. It's lack of stopping power verges on the Flamethrower.
  • The Sniper Rifle, like the Rocket Launcher, is great for racking up a lot of long range kills, even if it has a low Fame score. There's little risk of retaliation from your Quarry, and in a deathmatch situation, you can camp out and shoot anyone who goes for the nearest five-star weapon.

Favorites: Like all FPS games, the Assault Rifle is insanely overpowered and useful for just about any situation. It's good to keep it or the Shotgun on hand, they both have great stopping power. The Sniper Rifle is extremely useful for taking down rocket-launching snipers in Deathmatch modes.

Murder Aids

Murder Aids

Murder Aids are powerups which you can wield without fear of angering the guards. (A Stun Gun pisses them off, but a Dart Gun is just fine and dandy. Go figure.)

The best is the Dart Gun, which paralyzes your opponent for several seconds, preventing them from moving or attacking. It's invaluable, especailly when going for a melee kill or stopping a fleeing victim in their tracks. (Protip: Infected zombie players aren't allowed to use weapons, but they can Stun Gun survivors and bite them!) The Glue Gun also stuns enemies, though you have to be careful because they can still attack and it's possible to jog through your own misfired glue glob.

The Hologram Decoy is more of a Murder Preventer than Aid, as it throws off your Hunter. They won't know where you are until the decoy's batteries run out, or until it's destroyed by gunfire or the action button. Finally, the Camcorder lets you steal stars from people, just be warned that it counts as stealing, meaning they'll be justified in killing you for the next ten seconds or so.

For a limited time, the Blue Pills make you fast and invisible, best for hunting down your opponent with a melee weapon. Red Pills give you an attack bonus, and Yellow Pills give you an incredible boost in defense, allowing you to come out on top in just about any duel situation. Yellow Pills are handy either for defending yourself from your Hunter, or for helping you best an especially well-armed and alert Quarry.

Favorites: The Dart Gun and the Hologram are two you cannot go without. A direct Dart Gun hit will all but guarantee you kill your victim, while the Hologram should be routinely tossed into out of the way places to throw off your Hunter.

Needs & Satisfiers

Needs From the moment the game begins, three meters slowly drain away: Fatigue (speed), Waste (defense), and Hunger (attack). The only way to refill these meters is to find a Satisfier, which come in many forms. Beds and chairs restore Fatigue, food and drink restores Hunger, and toilets restore Waste. Using a Satisfier leaves you defenseless for 10 seconds and open to Insta-Kill attacks from your Hunter.

Try to refill your meters between scenes. During a scene, your'll be open to Insta-Kill attacks from your Hunter. Between scenes, players can only pick your pocket or steal Fame with the Camcorder.

Generally, I'd fill Fatigue and Hunger before Waste. If you're playing the game right--finding valuable weapons, stalking your prey, waiting for the perfect time to attack--defense isn't going to matter nearly as much as being able to catch and quickly kill your Quarry. While low defense leaves you open to attack, if your Hunter or Quarry kills you, it only costs -1 Fame. Not being able to catch your Quarry and failing to bag any kills all scene potentially costs you six or more Fame.

Filling a Need prevents it from draining for twenty seconds. There's a bit of strategy involved in deciding which to fill first, as eating, er... makes you have to go to the bathroom. I like to start with Fatigue, which gives me a speed boost, then run to take care of Hunger and Waste.

Try to memorize a place with all three Satisfiers nearby. Crew Catering is actually an awful place to stock up, because there's Satisfiers for Fatigue and Hunger, but by the time you find a bathroom, the new scene will have already began. It's better to refill at the the O'Leary place: You can sleep on the O'Leary Lounge's couch and have a drink, then run to Mrs. O'Leary's Bathroom and relieve yourself well within the timeout between scenes.


During a scene, if you find your Quarry using a Satisfier, you can perform an Insta-Kill for +5 Fame. Catching your opponent on the toilet is totally awesome (just ask Butch Coolidge).

Even between scenes, you can pick-pocket or steal Fame with the Camcorder. By the time they can retaliate, you'll be long gone.

In Summary
  • Use Satisfiers to refill Needs between scenes, when there's no Hunter to earn Fame by killing you.
  • In order of importance: Speed > Attack > Defense. Running and killing is more important than absorbing damage.
  • People using Satisfiers are perfect victims. Pick-pocket, Camcorder or Insta-Kill (+5 Fame) them for a good laugh.


Be warned, security guards patrol the level. If they see a crime, a red, round meter quickly fills, sending them into chase mode. Once a guard is after you, they'll chase you until you lose them. If they catch up with you, they'll tazer you (leaving you open to attack!) and, depending on your crime, punish you accordingly.

The lowest offense is a drawn weapon. If they catch you, they'll confiscate it without taking any Fame. From there are crimes such as Pick Pocketing and Humiliating, each of which carry a one-star fine. Murder is five, although it's possible to rack up greater fines with multiple offenses.

Don't attack security. The only way you can knock them out is with traps. Even then, it's not really worth it, unless it's part of some grand scheme. It's best to avoid them. Track your Quarry to a location without any security.

disguise The best way to reduce your wanted level is to run and stay out of sight of other guards and security cameras (which can't initially catch crimes, but will re-fill your wanted meter if they spot you). There are places security guards just don't go, such as the Fairmont Rooftop. These are the places you want to be. It's also possible to wear a disguise, dropping you wanted level to zero. There are multiple, disguise closets in every level, and if you're wanted, they'll flash on the mini-map. Disguises are also a way to fool your Hunter. You'll appear to be a different character, although your name will remain unchanged.


I try not to bother with Traps. They're worth +5 Fame, no more than a +5 Star Value weapon. Unlike weapons, they can only be used in certain locations, so A) You have to hope your Quarry goes there, B) Traps are clearly marked, so they're likely to be wary. There's also a good chance you'll kill innocents. Even if none are in the trap area when you press the button, they can still go charging into the trap. Killing innocents costs you -2 Fame each, and if you kill too many, even in one colossal screwup, you'll be suspended for the rest of the scene.

That being said, traps are hilarious. +5 Fame is hard to argue with, and once caught in a trap, your victim has little chance to fight back.

Disco Room Trap

How to use traps: Either chase, lure, or catch your victim in a trap by chance. Chasing is easy, just get a big loud scary weapon like an Assault Rifle and try to herd them into the kill zone. This is the strategy to use during a Scene Stealer bonus round, as the guy holding the statue has no choice but to run away. You can also try luring your Hunter into a trap using a Holographic Decoy. The easiest traps to use target areas where players naturally gather, like the Fairmont Lobby or Pool.

How to avoid traps: Memorize the most frequently sprung traps. Some are rarely used due to their obscure location or small attack zones. Others go off non-stop. These include Fairmont Lobby, the Entrance to the Horror House with the drop-away floor, etc. If you're being chased, avoid rooms with a red button on the doorway. All it takes is one push of the big ACME button and your Hunter will gain +5 Fame. If you find a Holographic Decoy in a trapped room, don't manually deactivate it. Use a long range weapon and shoot the base.

In Summary
  • Traps are fun, but high Star Value weapons are more reliable.
  • Avoid killing Innocents in a trap, it'll cost you -2 Fame each.
  • Be careful entering areas with popular traps, especially if your Hunter is nearby.


Cast of characters

All eight characters play exactly the same.

That being said, there IS a bit of strategy involved in which you choose. If there are already six Gamblers in a game (he's popular on Xbox Live after school lets out--just sayin'), there's a sneaky trick you can use. Pick Gangster, then each time someone has you in their sights, they'll have to stop and read your name to make sure you're safe to kill. Better yet, in a big shootout, you can get lost in the crowd of Gangsters. That being said, it's a lot more fun to just pick your favorite character. Besides, that guy's sound bites annoy me.

On a final note, The Goth and The Gambler tend to blend into the shadows, while the bright pink Showgirl is going to stand out no matter where she stands.


Knowing the lay of the land is extremely important. In most FPS games, you only need to remember the good weapon locations. Here, "good" changes every round. Also, your Quarry's location is always visible under their picture. Knowing the difference between "O'Leary Balcony" and "Fairview Lobby" is the difference between surprising your Quarry and losing them entirely.

It's best to pick one level and practice. Spring Break is the most popular, because it comes free with the demo, so start out with that. If you need to, practice against bots until you have a good idea where to find a few weapons or memorize a few locations. That way, when the Fire Axe is rated five-stars, you'll know, "Oh, that's on the beach." Or when your Quarry runs to Diego's Back Room, you'll know that's on the ground floor of the Fairview Hotel.

I'll add stage-specific guides later on. For now, just know that if you go to an "obvious" location like Poolside, The Waterfall, The Beach, etc., you'll be a lot easier to find than somewhere more obscure, like Diego's Back Room, the Catering area, or basically anywhere in the O'Leary house (newbies have a hell of a time figuring it out).


  • 2011-01-28 (v1.1.1): Various corrections. Trimmed down redundant text. Changed the map screenshot in Quick Walkthrough. Moved Characters and Levels to the end.
  • 2011-01-27 (v1.1.0): Added graphics and summaries for Bonus Scenes. Added a section on Traps. Added a Quick Walkthrough. Added an index. Various other improvements.
  • 2011-01-24 (v1.0.2): Expanded section on pills (added Red Pills).

More to Come!

If you have any questions for the upcoming FAQ, let me know.

— Zeus (click to e-mail the author).

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