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Cooking with Mr. Pig

By Mars | 2007-10-15

Image: Cooking With Mr.
Pig Hello Jerks/geezers. The first rule of pig cooking precedings is that they are in fact big cooking precedings. Pigs live life big 24/7 and it shows, it shines through in all that we do. Heres a few tips to get you started on living life big, maybe even half as big as i, a pig, live mine.

Tip 1: If a no good dog tries to steal your ingredients, slap him with your spatula.

Tip 2: If cooking for a group, don't pay, get more food than you need, and pocket the difference.

Tip 3: If your hungry while cooking, there's but one pig/big solution. Start eating. Just don't burn your tounge.

Tip 4: If you start getting tired while you cook, just take a nap. Naps pan out in a big way because if your tired, you take a nap, and you wake up, and then your not tired. Yeah.

Tip 5: (last one, don't get greedy.) Butter, butter, butter.

Here's a recipe. Donut sandwiches with gummy-lovin'

  • Four pounds of butter.
  • Two dozen donuts.
  • Any jerk who doesn't cheese it when i try to get some yawn yawns.
  • Four cups of cream.
  • An ice cream cone.
  • Twelve Onions.
  • A blueberry.
  • Two carrots.
  • Some bread.
  • Any amount of gummyworms.
Put the butter in a pan and melt it mixing in the cream once it's caramelized. Then add the blueberry. Wait four minutes or untill your cammercial break ends and then add carrots (chopped) Onions (diced) Ice cream cone (crumbled) Gummyworms (still alive for freshness)

Once it's hot enough for ya you pile it on some toasted bread add some donuts on top and stinken enjoy. Your freaken welcome.

Image: Cooking
With Mr. Pig

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