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Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Review

Red Dragon

Are you radical dudes ready to rumble? Ready for Mortal Kombat references, fun 80's style cheese, and laser eyed, T-rex-esque "Blood Dragons"?

Neon Bow

Grrreat! Because Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon is here! The future is now! In the year 2007 (The Future) Canada has been nuked to stop the Russian invasion. A self proclaimed God wants to put an end to Democrats and bring fourth survival of the fittest as the law of the land. (Insert Trump 2016 joke here.)

The game plays a lot like Far Cry 3, only way more 80's and therefore way more awesome. Laser mods make your semi automatic assault rifle funky fresh. You get a weapon based on that ninja star thing from Krull.

Title Screen

There is a mission that warps you to an off brand Mortal Kombat stage where you shoot the crap out of Zombies, because pesky copyright laws prevent you from shooting the crap out of dozens of Sub Zeros and Scorpions.

If you have Playstation Plus the PS3 version of this game may already be yours as Sony was giving it away a little while ago.

Dance Party
Also worth noting is the awesome protagonist, who is so full of self aware sarcastic B-movie style one liners that he is pretty much Duke Nukem. There's also a weird 16 bit sex cut scene, so if that's your thing, you're set.

This is a really fun game which I highly recommend. Despite some patented Ubisoft PS3 screen tear, it runs pretty well and is quite badass

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