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I don't watch movies with McLovin in them

By Mars | 2010-05-02

I don't watch movies with McLovin in them. He makes Shia LaBeouf look like Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. I could beat him up in a fight, easy. He looks like a broke-ass crack whore and he probably dates guys everyday, while wearing a dress made out of used condoms.

McLovin 1

He is a terrible person as evidenced by his movies, face, and general demeaner.

If I find out he voiced a character in a cartoon I've already seen, it's like I've been slipped a roofie of awfullness.

Superbad is an aptly named crap vehicle that started many a dumb stupid headed carreer.

McLovin 2

He recently stated on Jay Leno's genius 11:30 Masterwork that he's single SHOCKER. Maybe Huxtable the superphab will finally commit to you if you gain thirty pounds and stop looking like an aging tranny with a flat fanny.

He should start boxing Professionally, that way I could see him getting his ass kicked all the time which would be awesome for me.

That I'd Watch.

McLovin 3

- Mars

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