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Top 5 Weapons in Videogames List. Epilogue: This #List Will be of #Games That Impacted the Way Developers Made #Weapons. (The Sequel). Directed by #StevenSpielberg

Steven Spielberg

Videogame weapons are almost as important than videogame characters. In a first-person shooter, the guns get more screentime than the protagonist! In this article, we'll examine some of the most influential videogame weapons. Weapons that changed... the game.

Doom Shotgun

You don't see a pellet flying across the screen lookin' like some kinda pac man snack. Doom 2 also had very solid, satisfying weapons. Though the plasma gun is contra is, it's a nice twist.

Doom Shotgun 2

The double barrel shotgun added for this sequel puts it slightly over the first game arsenal-wise. It deals more damage but takes longer to reload and had an awesome reloading animation. Shadowrun for Genesis is interesting because even though it is a low budget overhead perspective text heavy game, the weapons take a realistic approach.

Not only do they look and fire like real guns, the enemy's body armor factors in. If your fighting cooperate security, you'll need a shotgun or high powered pistol because the machine guns won't cut it against their armor.


Resident Evil 2 had fully 3D weapons made up of then state of the art futuristic TEXTURE MAPPED POLYGONS! HAZZAA!

The guns were so satisfying, and the different grenade launcher ammo types-explosive flame and acid were amaaaaziiing.

Also you could tinker with your weapons and upgrade them with hidden extra parts. Before weapon synthesis systems became the norm, this was really cool and innovative for it's time. Goldeneye 007 was really the first FPS to feel like a simulation much to the wrath of the scifi obsessed PC FPS market.

Goldeneye 007

It's under the top approach to weapon enemy and location design all based on the real world was a punch in the gut to an industry dominated by nothing but alien and Sci-Fi weapon infused games like Doom and Duke Nukem 3D.

It also had locational damage. shoot em in the leg and watch em limp, like Virtua Cop, because at one point the game was being developed as an on rails shooter. It also had the first sniper rifle in a 3d game except MDK These days Call of Duty has made the sim approach to FPS games a cliché, but it seemed fresh at one point, interestingly enough.

Resident Evil 2

These games had some of the best and most innovative weapons ever, and they came back out in the golden age of gaming, when new things still happened all the time.

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