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Mr. Pig's Pigsionary

By Mr. Pig | 2007-12-17

Ok bucketeers, check this out!

The only true dictionary the pigsionary, is available to big larry jerkheads for the first time ever. Enjoy!


Harry Potter

Harry Potter: A book that's really just a Movie/videogame/actionfigure/poster/actor/toothbrush/candy/sodacan/event/book, overblown and overhyped beyond integrity.

Bill O'Reily

Bill O'Reilly: A book that's just an Big dumb jerks head on the cover, and a bunch of ghost written garbage inside. The big celebrity jerkhead will wave this Bill Oh'reily around screaming BUY THIS PEICE OF DUMB JERKSPEW SUCKERS!

Yawn yawns: Honk-phews. Nappytime. Sleepyville-population-you.

Pig: Fantastic wonderfull amazing the best better than human super-human top notch excellent lovely lovable cute darling pwecius adowable hot sexy smokin.

Big: see pig.

Larry Jerkhead

Larry Jerkhead: a jerk. a stinkin jerk. a lousy jerk. a no good jerk. beef jerk. jerkadoodledoo. jerktastic. A lousy stinkin no buenos stinkfest losertown usa jerk.

Losertown USA: Where jerks live.

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