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My Next Console is a PC

Which new console can play League of Legends?

What's that, neither?

Which new console can play thousands of classic games from the golden age of gaming, day one?

What's that, neither?

Which new console can play the new Might and Magic?


Damn, looks like I'll be buying a new laptop on black Friday that can do all those things and more, for the price of a PS4.

Growing up, I loved console and PC gaming, still do. But I think buying the occasional 3DS game will sate my Nintendo cravings just fine without buying a Wii U. And there are countless PS3 classics I haven't even touched yet, so what's the point of running out and buying a PS4 just yet, when they'll be half the price in three years?

And Xbox One has few games of it's own that won't come out for PC, lets face it, people bought 360's because they were cheap, not because they were good consoles.

And Xbox One costs more than a PS4 or a cheap desktop, both of which can play all the same killer apps, so what is the market for the Xbox One besides fanboys and suckers?

500$ for a new console, really?

This is the sort of price point that murdered early PS3 sales, and Sony had won two console wars at that point, Microsoft has only won one, and it was really more of a tie in the long run, PS3 and Xbox 360 have very similar user bases and game sale statistics, and it was the story of the tortoise vs the hare, with Microsoft having the first version of say, Oblivion, and Sony having the best version. Even Xbox 360 owners were saying, "of course PS3 has the better version of Oblivion, look how much longer they had to make it." PC of course has the best version of Oblivion by far, which is why I beat the game on a PC, screw the console versions.

Back then I had a desktop and a Wii, and between the two, I could play 95% of the games I wanted to play. Occasionally consoles will have the better version, for example GTA4 is notoriously buggy on PC. But you can't win them all, Mario and Link aren't even on PC, neither is Nathan Drake. And 3DS is still the only cheap way to play 3d video games thus far. But these are small advantages when compared to the fact that you can spend a little on a PC and play countless classics and some of the better new games like League of Legends, or spend alot and make a monster gaming rig that leaves the consoles in the dust.

So when you nag at mommy and dadums to buy you a new gaming machine this Christmas or Tom Cruise day, ask for the one by Microsoft. No, not an Xbox One, a PC.

— Mars (Email the Bucket Bros)

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