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There's No Big Boy RPGs on Xbox 360

By Mars | 2008-05-12

I'm not completely snobby, when rpg's weren't imitated by license games action games sports games and even gang banger sims rpg meant something.

It meant levels. It meant Equipment. It meant roleplaying decisions. It meant turn based. It meant relaxed music and good plot.

Scratch role playing decisions and turn based and add first person and "accomplishments" you've still got what you want.

But I had a computer in the 90's. I grew up playing games that still are deeper than anything out now. Master of magic. Death Knights of Krynn. Might and Magic 3.

I don't want to pretend the 90's didn't happen. It's bad enough pretending now's not really happening.

If you're first person, if you're real time, if you're sped up, if you're for a Microsoft system at all, you're probably just a "RPG."

But, if you are Darklands, The aforementioned Death Knights, or (obligatory game made this decade) Arc the Lad 3 Twilight of the Spirits, YOU ARE AN AD&D GAME!!! GRATZ!!! YOU JUST GAINED A LEVEL:-)

Fable 2.
Fable 2

This is one of the only rpgs on 360 fable 2. As you can tell by the pause message and twenty on one gameplay its actually a very pleasant looking action game, real time of course and sped up as well (sped up along with 1st person is the new real time. A all destroying cliche that plagues rpg's and never true AD&D games.)

AD&D Deathknights of Krynn.
Death Knights of Krynn

Look over here, Death Knights Of Krynn. Hand drawn graphics turn based gameplay cinematic plot sequences (overhead battles btw.) dialog worth reading.

- Mars

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