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Politics Corner With Mars - #003 - Bucket Bros.

Palestinian as well as Israeli mediators decided Tuesday to restart negotiations on the continuously unattainable set of compromises necessary for a peace deal. The goal being reaching a arrangement within nine months.

On Sunday, the Israeli cabinet voted thirteen to seven to release 104 Palestinian prisoners. Peace talks were renewed once more Monday. This ends three years of politically fueled silence. A prerequisite for Palestine finalizing a two state solution has always been returning to the post WW2 borders outlined by the UN. After the seven day war Israel has chosen to ignore these boundaries much to the chagrin of Palestine and the Arab world.

Years of war crimes by the Israeli military has not helped it's international image with the secular and Christian world either. Hope of Palestine becoming recognized by the UN as a sovereign nation has taken steps toward becoming a reality in recent years even though faith in the state of Palestine's moderate President Mahmoud Abbas continues to decline due to his inability to close the deal with Israel or be recognized by the UN.

— Mars (Email the Bucket Bros)

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