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Rabbis in RPGs

By Mars | 2011-03-19

Sadly there are no Rabbis in RPG video games. Countless Priests represent Christianity. There are also Wizards, Clerics, Mages, Buddhists and Taoists.

Black Mage Priest

Odin, Quetzalcoatl and countless other Pagan, polytheistic G-ds are also represented. Every religion and faith except Jews and Muslims are represented in RPGs. And while Angels are found in Judaism and Djinnis in Muslim religion, There are no Rabbis in RPGs, no Imams.

A middle eastern RPG filled with middle eastern religion would be a great counterpart to all of the above mentioned RPG standards

Rabbi Imam

The game would have to be very respectful of Judaism and Muslimism and maybe that's why it hasn't been made yet. RPGs often paint religious faith as evil and secular humanism as good, and Jews (I am one) and Muslims (I'm a big fan, really) Just don't have the sense of humor about their faith that other faiths have.

On a lighter note CoCo did a bit where he had a robot Rabbi that was awesome. But I have already thought of an android Rabbi character so I was not too happy about the idea of a robo Rabbi at first because now the two ideas will always be compared.

Robo Rabbi

The android Rabbi would roam the earth teaching the last few survivors of humanity about Moses, G-d and awesome stuff like that.

Maybe I'll make the story into an RPG.

— Mars (click to e-mail the author).

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