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Reintroducing Dr. Crunch

Dr. Crunch

Everyone's favorite frog is back! Reintroducing Dr. Ebenezer Crunch, the crotchetiest member of the Shorties. For those of you who've never had the pleasure, Dr. Crunch is a blustery lover of strategy, the Queen, and, of course, eating people's legs.

The Crunch character got its start in a really old video I did parodying the worst types of Magic: The Gathering players. I can't remember the setup, but what started as an ad-libbed monologue about Magic turned into a modest proposal worthy of Jonathan Swift. When Mars suggested I come up with a new Shorty, I applied the cannibalistic aristocrat character to a frog puppet, and the rest is history.

Dr. Crunch has calmed down over the years. These days he'll sooner talk your ear off than he would chew off your leg. To him, life is a wild ride on a road best traveled alone. But that doesn't stop his constant companion Yellowphant from tagging along, asking questions until he finally breaks down and yells, "DAMN IT ALL! I'M NOT YOUR MOMMY!"

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