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Reintroducing Yellowphant

Dr. Crunch

Everyone's favorite 'phant is back! Reintroducing Yellowphant, youngest member of the Shorties, or at least a self-proclaimed permanent baby. For those of you who've never had the pleasure, Yellowphant is a blustery lover of adventure, the ladies, and, of course, random fits of rage.

A Yellowphant never forgets. That phrase was the genesis of the Yellowphant character. An angry, vindictive toddler. He's got a very lockjaw grumbly voice, prone to derisive grunts, and a weird semi-Spanish accent. Made in China, Yellowphant self-identifies as a Chino-Spaniard.

Yellowphant has mellowed over the years. The character evolved into a suave baby of the world; a student of philosophy, fine dining, and coloring paints. He likes to spend time with Doctor Crunch, who he annoys by calling "mommy."

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