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Kings Bounty: Crossworlds Review

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Kings Bounty Crossworlds GOTY is one of the best turn based strategy games out there for the PC. Its fan base are die hard as they come, many people have beaten it over and over on the highest difficulty. And while it my not be my PC strategy game Waifu (an honor which will forever go to Master of Magic.) I have managed to ignore my Reddit addiction and my Wii U addiction in order to spend some quality time with this game.

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I think the main thing that sets it apart from the Age of Wonders crowd is that in many ways this game feels like an RPG. Not in a generic "It's got leveling up AND weapons you can buy!" sort of way, though it does have those things. It feels like you are going on an epic quest, and exploring a vast and beautiful fantasy world, because you are.

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One of the things that usually causes me to shift back and fourth between turn based JRPGs and turn based 4X games, ignoring the ample space between the two where Fire Emblem and X-Com dwell, is that claustrophobic feeling that all I can do is fight, fight, fight.

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I want to explore, discover, become immersed on the other side of the looking glass. In this game I can.

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Kings Bounty can be hard at times, even on the normal difficulty mode. Enemies vanish as you beat them, so opportunities for grinding are limited.

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At any given time, there are always a handful of different fights you can try, or more. Scouting ahead and picking the right battle for your current army, hiring the right combination of troops, and making sure you always keep a surplus of gold for you next round of troop drafts, are all necessary for surviving, sort of like Banner Saga, only probably even less forgiving than that.

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At the start of the game you have your pick of adorable baby dragons, each one a different color and with different strengths to suit different types of builds for your hero. This little guy can do a TON of damage, and many times I found myself leaning on my dragons attacks to do the brunt of the damage in a fight, conserving my army's numbers rather than thinning my ranks sending wave after wave of vanguards at the opposition, Zapp Brannigan style.

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I picked this up on a digital sale on GOG.com for under four dollars, and have already gotten a good bang for my buck. If you are looking for a great game for a low price, this thing goes on deep discount on GOG every month or two, give it a go.

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