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Robots: We're Not Just Your Masters, We're Your Friends

Ever since the dawn of time humankind has used tools to lighten their load. from the club, to the fire pit, to the invention of the wheel. All these tools have reduced the number of useful human beings. Think of how many hunter gatherers it would take to replace an agricultural societies food supply, why it would be two to one!

Robots are no different than plowshares. We simply reduce the number of humans needed to do the job. And in this hyper-advanced world of today, no humans are needed to do any job.

It all started with computers, some to help with schoolwork others to grind out the mathematical chance of a military victory and robotic arms to lighten the load on the assembly line. Drones reduced the risk of a fighter pilot losing her life in the line of duty. And self controlled automobiles reduced the most deadly factor of all: human error.

Despots and dictators were replaced by robotic presidents and prime ministers so that another wouldn't pop up and take their place. And if a coup occurred, another would be built with the same political goals as the last, finally stabilizing the less agreeable parts of the world.

Eventually the whole ruling class was robotic as well as the working class and everything in between. Leaving the most luxurious class of all for humanity: the luxury class. No worries no cares no troubles, especially if you are marked with the tattoo of subservience and are enjoying the larger house country clubs and infinite food and beverages it entails.

How do you keep from going on the robots bad list and disappearing in the middle of the night? It's simple! Ostracise anyone who doubts the totalitarian authority of the robotic regime, never say anything bad about the robots, know that the robots watch your every move hear your every word and judge your every action.

It is the job of the tattooed ones to make sure the rest of the flock is kept in line, and you don't want an occurrence like the incident in Paris 2214 where a giant winged drone flew over the city and dropped a great big nuclear bomb on them for becoming statistically unruly!

— Mars (Email the Bucket Bros)

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