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Uncharted 2

I love Japanese RPGs. From preferring Final Fantasy to Ultima to preferring Chrono Trigger to whatever the hell some moron thinks could possibly compare to Chrono Trigger on the PC, to me Japan will always have the best RPGs. Even though Japan's golden age is long dead and slick action RPGs like Elder Scrolls have done a lot to play catch up on the presentation end of things.

PS3 has a lot of great RPGs, even if they too are really mostly action or strategy RPGs. Final Fantasy 13 and 13-2 are among the finest examples of the RPG genre in terms of graphics and gameplay and even storytelling though thirteen does suffer from a plot consisting mostly of in fighting between team members or "emo gayness" as it is often referred.

And also despite 13-2's time travel plot sucking mad balls compared to Chrono Triggers, but hey, I can't even think of a fucking book about time travel with a better plot than Chrono let alone a video game.

The Agarest War series is really underrated and plays great with a vast cast of likable and interesting characters each with their own play style and look. Also you get to make babies, and since RPGs take God damn forever to beat, they'll probably be the only babies you'll be making anytime soon.

There are many more examples of great RPGs on the PS3 including action RPGs Oblivion and Skyrim and Fallout 3 and New Vegas, though all four of those are better played on a PC that can work them with good frame rates and draw in distances and whatnot, but hey, not everyone can play the newest games on a high end PC and that's where second rate console ports come into play.

Uncharted is another great series of games and one of the only really great series of games exclusive to the PS3. I loved playing through the trilogy but only beat each game once. Rather than rushing out to upgrade my graphics by a mile and my library of playable games by an inch by buying a PS4 at launch, I plan on spending my gaming time replaying these games among others.

I liken them to the Donkey Kong country trilogy, except these games actually improved in many ways, as opposed to DKC games which got worse and worse to the point where a giant baby Kong became a playable character. Ugh. Was his name Kiddy Kong? Who's to say, as no one played this turd. Just kidding, some people played that turd. And I'm one of them.

Call of Duty games rock ass and kick nuts, and the original Black Ops is my favorite game of the series. I can't think of Sympathy for the Devil without thinking of Black Ops and vise versa.

It IS death match, and if you think you can destroy me maggot, I'll see you in hell.

I just bought call of duty Modern Warfare 3 with the first add on pack digital edition for 40 bucks. Why not buy Ghosts, ignoring its mediocre review scores and the fact that Activision will be putting more effort into the next gen versions of the game? Because of the aforementioned reasons and also the fact that forty bucks for a damn great game and an expansion pack is a great deal, and one tenth the money you have to put down to walk away with a PS4, it's just a few dollars more than the tax you have to pay to buy a PS4. And digital means no wear and tear on the Blu-ray drive and no annoying load noise and no way to ever lose or misplace the damn thing.

I love my PS3 and I bought it in November 2011 ages after it came out, meaning I'll be enjoying it for years to come before I'll ever need to buy a PS4. And when I do buy a ps4 for 250 with some holiday pack in special with uncharted 4 or whatever, It'll be money and time well saved on better ventures, not that 400 dollars is the most unreasonable launch price this holiday season.

If you must buy a new system day one, I can think of one hundred reasons to go with PS4 over the alternative.

— Mars (Email the Bucket Bros)

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