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Superman is a Nazi

By Mars | 2010-05-28

Superman was huge buisness in the 80's. Movie after movie danced across the screen as audiences across the globe cheered on their favorite superhero Superman.

But times change. And now as it turns out, a white guy who claims to be superhuman and has no minority friends isn't as politically correct as it once was.


All the modern superhero films that are hits, your Batmans, your X-Men, your Fantastic Fours, either have a minority on the team or at least star a guy who dresses all in black. If you're a black guy who wants to be white friendly, dress in all white like Diddy. Well, Batman is the white Diddy so he gets down in all black, baby girl.

You can stack the latest Superman up to any big franchise starter, Like the first X-Men movie or Batman Begins, and it isn't really any worse, except it stars a big fat good ol boy racist named SuperNazi, oops, I meant Superman... Or did I?

Image taken from SuperDickery.com
Image taken from Superdickery, a source of much hilarity.

When did Superman become so racist? I mean, just back in the 90's, he was Japanese, French Canadian, Irish, Lebanese and Welsh descent which is as not racist as they come.

Dean Cain, Superman

Ok the Japanese did side with Hitler in WW2, and Lebanon has had its moments over the years, but the eclectic mix he has racially prouves he means well. His parents weren't afraid of the racist backlash their child may have had to endure and I applaud them whole heartedly for that.

Superman has overstayed his welcome as a solo artist. It's time for him to meet his new partner: Halle Berry.

Halle Berry as Catwoman

Together they'd fight modern crime, such as subtle racism, anti semitism, and much much more.


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