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Top 5 Comedies With "Boy" in the Title

Cabin Boy (1994)

Box Office: $3,662,459 (USA)

Mars: Cabin Boy isn't a movie. It's a portal into a Hell of endless sexual and mental torment and titillation known to some as Nirvana.

Or maybe it's just the best freakin movie you aint never seen, SON.

Starring Chris Elliot, a man who you either hate or don't really know about. He plays a fancy lad: a spoiled yet lovable effeminate brat. After graduating from a fancy upper class private college, he gets kicked out of his limo after harassing the driver until he reaches his breaking point. Then he wanders into a small and slightly surreal Fishing village where he meets David Letterman. David is selling sock monkeys. "Hey, would ya like to buy a monkey?" Dave asks. Cabin boy doesn't want to buy a monkey. So David points him to the wrong boat the Smelly Whore.

Cabin boy Ends up going on a true heroes journey.

  • He befriends a half Man half Shark.
  • He talks to a fatass floatin cupcake.
  • He melts an ice monster.
  • He sleeps with a six armed blue hottie.
  • He kills a giant home appliance salesman.
  • He Swoons the gal of his dreams and rides off into.
  • The sunset on her professional swimmers body.

Zeus: Mars pretty much sums up the awesome. I've seen this more than any other movie, and you should too.

Grandma's Boy (2006)

Box Office: $6,088,249

Mars: Grandma's boy is the best movie about getting stoned and playing video games with your buddies grandmother. And then shtupping her. This cult tastic cult classic is loved mainly for a few primal reasons: people smoke pot, they play video games, they have sex, they do whatever they want really it doesn't matter to them what the outcome is, much like the hangover except it's funny and worth watching.


Zeus: There are ad campaigns that every aspiring marketing professional should learn from: Absolut Vodka, Nike, the Marlboro Man. And then there are ads that serve as cautionary tales, such are the TV spots for Grandma's Boy, which seem to center around the idea, "Hey, young men like sex with really old ladies, right?" But Grandma's Boy isn't really about sabre-toothed cougars. It's about a game designer who tries to woo his sexy new boss, despite being forced to move in with his grandmother.

It's worth noting that this isn't a movie about a guy who gives up most of his identity just to please a member of the opposite sex. Half Baked was ostensibly a stoner film that turned into a lecture about giving up weed for women. 40 Year Old Virgin did the same for toys and videogames. But Grandma's Boy revels in its hobbies, and shows a grown man entering a healthy relationship with a girl who accepts him for who he is.

And it's funny. Outrageously, memorably funny. Every other scene features some quotable one-liner, the best of which are supplied by the villain, an evil videogame programmer who dresses like Neo from The Matrix and dreams of turning himself into a cyborg.

Tommy Boy (1995)

Box Office: $32,700,000

Mars: Chris Farley, a Man who lived much too long. If only he had died sooner, this movie would have never happened. I'm being sarcastic, of course. Tommy Boy is a movie about a man child adopting a man baby and driving around selling car parts.

Zeus:There are two types of people in this world: People who prefer Black Sheep and people who prefer Tommy Boy. (Those who like neither are classified as humorless robots hellbent on destruction.) I'll admit, Tommy Boy is my second choice. But a second-tier Chris Farley/David Spade comedy is still better than 99% of comedies out there.

Tommy Boy is like "Planes, Trains & Automobiles," if John Candy suffered a head injury before the trip. Chris Farley plays the well-meaning son of a car brake baron. The death of his father leaves the company in the hands of Evil Stepmother Bo Derek and her boy toy Rob Lowe. The only hope is for Chris Farley and sarcastic pipsqueak David Spade to personally drive around, selling brakes and arguing with each other. The best parts involve Farley trying to find his voice as a salesman, and while the whole thing is an excuse for Spade and Farley to reenact their inside jokes ("Fat Guy in a Little Coat...").

That's My Boy (2012)

Box Office: $36,931,089

Mars: That's my Boy came out around the same time as Ted, and unlike Ted, it wasn't a steaming heap of crocodile crap stretched out ten miles wide. It stars Andy Samburg, or maybe Adam Sandler.

Zeus: Andy Samberg is like Adam Sandler 2.0. So put him together with Adam Sandler 1.0 and you get Adam Sandler 3.0. This is one of those reviled Happy Madison movies that everyone complains about and then secretly watches. I consider it a timesaving Lifehack. If you have three hours to spare, you could watch Happy Gilmore and Hotrod. But if you only have an hour and a half, watch That's My Boy.

Bubble Boy (2001)

Box Office: $5,002,310

Mars: Starring John Travolta, this 1976 made for TV movie tells the story of a boy born with an immune deficiency which causes him to spend his life trapped in a bubble.

Zeus: The deal was, Mars could put That's My Boy on the list if I could add Bubble Boy.

Bubble Boy has a lot in common with Cabin Boy. It's a surreal, vivid adventure about a boy becoming a man. But Bubbly Boy isn't a spoiled brat, he's a kid born with no immunities and forced to live life in a plastic bubble. And there's a twist: the kid is played by Jake Gyllenhaal! Yep, before Donnie Darko, Jarhead and Brokeback Mountain, Gyllenhaal starred in a movie that plays like a combination Pee Wee's Big Adventure and Dude, Where's My Car?

Bubble Boy is one of those freakshow road movies, where every five minutes they roll out a new comedian or character actor to give the hero a hard time: Verne Troyer, Stacy Keibler, Danny Trejo, Fabio, Beetlejuice... the, uh, rapper, not the other guy. You know, Beetlejuice.


Unfortunately, the film was brought down by the Immune Deficiency Foundation, who called for a boyott on the Disney film. That's right -- Bubble Boy was brought down by Big Immune Deficiency. What a shame.

— Mars (Email the Bucket Bros)

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