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The Transendient Issue #18: Afraid of Everest

By Mars | 2008-09-19

Afraid of Everest 01 Afraid Of Everest is a very fun to listen to and super talented musician who somehow finds the time to help out full time in the medical industry while making wonderful original and cover songs and putting them out there on youtube and myspace. He's a great guy, and one of my new favorite musicians!

Hi Afraid of Everest, thanks again for doing this interview!

Mars: I'm Yours by Jason Mraz is a great song. I heard a demo version years ago and fell in love with it. Your cover is spot on, you sound amazing. Do you rehearse alot before you start recording? Or are you more spontaneous?

Afraid of Everest: thank you so much! in terms of recording, i usually spend about 2-3 hours total with each song, learning it and practicing it/recording until I can at least sing it by looking at the lyrics - which explains why some of the covers are a little shaky. Spontaneity has its own merits, but i think the audience would prefer something half decent haha. I always find something wrong with each video after I post it though. ( in fact The "I'm Yours" cover is actually something I hope to redo, because I sang it a little slow now that I listen to it!)

Mars: "Free" is an original song written by yourself, and it shows off your fantastic vocal control and unique style. Also, the name is very powerful and doesn't mess around. What does freedom mean to you?

Afraid of Everest 02 Afraid of Everest: Free is on the surface actually a song about the loss of a dog - once the listener hears the song in that context i think it will make more sense. However I think the song also can apply to the loss of anything/anyone we love. There is a lot of imagery in the lyrics and it was a song that I wrote in about 20 minutes because the subject was very heartfelt.

Mars: What musician do you identify with the most?

Afraid of Everest: The musician I identify with the most is actuallly the band called The Fray... when I first heard their song "over my head" I said to myself "these are the melodies/music that relate to me". Some of my friends even told me "this is your style of music" even as they were introducing them to me.

Mars: Viva la Vida by Coldplay is another excellent choice for a cover. What original or cover song that you've sung so far would you say sums you up best as an avant-guarde artist?

Afraid of Everest 03 Afraid of Everest: In terms of summing up my style, I definitely enjoy writing original songs, but i'm cursed with always eventually becoming bored with my own music... however I would say my original song "Lonely Starship" is currently what I would say is a sound I'd like to pursue.

Mars: What are your plans for the future? You seem to be hinting about starting a band down the road, Any luck yet finding a potential guitar player or anything like that?

Afraid of Everest: Future plans - well, I'm actually a full time health professional so it's difficult to make big plans or to devote a lot of time to music. I haven't found a guitar player/drummer/bassist yet, but I think the youtube community is filled with amazing talent and maybe the band is out there somewhere.

Mars: Have a super cool day!

Afraid of Everest: Thanks so much for your questions!

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