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The Transendient Issue #9: Argon

By Mars | 2007-12-22

Argon Argon the aware has made one of the best computer animated films of all time, certainly the best written. It's called The Writers Nightmare and it's this author/directors latest epic.

Watch Episode 9 Above

Thanks so much for doing this interview Argon.

Q#1: Episode 9 and 10 have to be the most memorable part of the series for me. I love the song selection, how the words match the lyrics and of course Peter fighting pan is amazing. What inspired the battle?
The musical theme started in Episode 8 with the Lamb Lies Down on Broadway and Fly on a Windshield then continued in 9 and 10 with The Carpet Crawlers and The Chanber of 32 Doors from the rock opera by Genesis since the whole album was about illusions on the way to enlightement and I wanted Pan to do something symphonic that Peter and Cyan would eventually be able to recognize to break free of the illusions.

The battle with Pan was inspired by a conversation I had with someone back in the 80's about a book by Jack Chalker called Demons of the Dancing Gods that had a similar kind of thing that I wanted Pan and Peter to goes through to show Peter could recognize that on the Astral Plane the rules about matter and energy were different.

Q#2 could you elaborate on the dream police?
I got the name for the Dream Police from the Cheap Trick song and they are the interogators for the Illuminati. They do more high tech torture by using a brain probe device to scan your dreams and obtain the info they need. That's why Peter and Cyan had to take their minds away from their bodies to avoid it.

Q#3 Whats the gyrotwister?
I didn't go into much detail about the Gyrotwister in this book because it was a sequel to my other called "Memoirs from Sideways in Time" but briefly it's a time/space machine that also can go across parallel worldlines. It's a whole better than the flux capacitor they used in Back to the to the Future (especially as you saw it didn't keep running into things like in that movie) for more details on the Gyrotwister and to get a copy of Memoirs you can go to the download links for the plot summary and the other novel on my blog


Q#4 Can you summarize the overall story?
Basically it's a story about how who is writing the story is relative to where you are. Steve Nelson writes about Joe, Luke and P.L.A.N. in one worldline and I about about Steve Nelson in another. Someone writes about me in a different timeline sort of like that movie Stranger than Fiction. Steve finds this out when Peter and Cyan drag him into a rescue adventure.

Q#5 It's sad to watch the story end but i'm excited that you mentioned in a previous e-mail that your continuing "An angels destiny". is there any details you can clue me into ahead of time about that?
I have 6 episodes of An Angels Destiny on YouTube right now but I did it a bit differently since I had the animation and music here but I had the animation with the text on Revver and I had a Flash page with just the text of the novel and both videos on it but I lost the sever space the web page was on so now I only have the 2 kinds of videos online until I can get some more web space. If you want to see the videos on Revver the 1st chapter is at


I was at the part where Minerva and Chris having failed to get in touch with Odin at the Norse Temple go to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk to relax and Chris finds out that Minerva still has the power of her halo, all she has to do is focus and find other ways to tap into it.

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