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The Transendient Issue #20: Derenzo

By Mars | 2008-10-07

Derenzo is one of the best singers i've found out about this year and anything he sings is a geniune treat to hear. Check him out now!

Mars: Hi Derenzo, thanks so much for doing this interview!

Derenzo 02 Derenzo: your welcome!

Mars: "I will always love you" by Whitney Houston is one of my all time favorite songs, and your cover is perfect, tops! How do you keep your sound so fresh?

Derenzo: well to be honest, i dont practise and i've never had any such thing as singing lessons in my entire life but i do my best to give everything i got and i hope to be much much better in the future.

Mars: "Ring the alarm" shows off your professional level singing voice. How do you prepare for singing a song?

Derenzo 01 Derenzo: at first i try to sleep well before i'm going to sing because that can have a terrible effect on my voice if i dont. And i have my own kind of warming up by drinking a nice herb tea and then i sing in the microphone for like 15 minutes before recording.

Mars: What is your inspiration for singing?

Derenzo: there are a lot of things that gives me inspiration like the great comments, ratings, views and private messages i get on Youtube and some other sites. The people who support me in my carreer and in life, the artists i adore and the love i get from my fans around the world.

Mars: "Kung Fu Fighting (Kung Fu Panda)" Is a fantastic song, I heard it ten times in a row right after i first heard it. Do you enjoy bi-lingual songs?

Derenzo: Thanks for the compliment but it don't matter what type of song it is because if its a good song then its a good song i always say.

Mars: Who's your favorite singer?

Derenzo: Michael Jackson!

Mars: What would you like to say to your fans?

Derenzo: I love you guys as much as i love my family because you keep me standing just as they do.

Mars: Thanks again, have a super cool day, my friend:)

Derenzo: The pleasure was all mine and thanks for interviewing me. DERENZO.

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