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The Transendient Issue #10: GeHOF

By Mars | 2008-04-20

GeHOF has music with a positive message behind it and GeHOF's music is outstanding and very relaxing and i very highly recomend listening to his music and thinking it over as well.

Q #1: Hi GeHOF thanks so much for doing this interview! What inspired your albatross cd?

GeHOF Albatross The albatross instrumental "Home To Roost" came from my Night And Day Album. I was aware of the plight of this wonderful bird and wanted to write a piece of music that symbolised a lone albatross flying all those hundreds of miles across the oceans. Since then I have donated much of my music to the save the albatross campaign and currently have six you tube videos offering my music for free whilst advertising the official RSPB campaign. I also run an albatross group on Care2.

Q #2: What's your favorite type of Albatross?

My favourite type of albatross is one that is alive! Sadly far too many are falling foul of long line fishing hooks and drowning. When an albatross does not return its young die of starvation. Albatross numbers are falling rapidly.

"Night And Day"

Q #3: Night And Day is my favorite song of yours what is your personal favorite song you've done?

My own favourite song? I think "Above The Clouds" because I wrote it for my daughter's wedding and it was the title song of my first album. "Night And Day" is perhaps the most popular of all my compositions and it was the title song of my second album. One of my favourites is "Afterglow" because I wrote and recorded it at exactly the same time. There was no rehersal, I just laid the track down and the first time I ever played it is the final song. I have never done that before. I also like "Morning "Dew" and "Maypole" from my maypole video as they symbolise all that is still good and innocent in this changing world. "Morning Dew" will be on my next album as will "In another Life and "A wing and A Prayer". (these two avilable now for free via the youtube videos)

Q #4: I always ask "do you have any pets" but you've made a video starring your cats so i already know you do. Tell me about your cats.

My cats! Both came from a rescue centre and it has taken me two years to gain their trust. I hate to think what sort of a life they had before. I don't own them, they own me!! Both are eight years old now, the little one won "pet of the year" in a competition run by a local newspaper.

Q #5: Where could i go to contribute to this cause?

To read all about and contribute to the cause please go to www.savethealbatross.net That's about it, thanks again for taking an interest in my music.

Take care


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