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The Transendient Issue #24: JanVernerC

By Mars | 2009-11-07

JanVernerC JanVernerC is an extremely talented musician Who makes music as thought provoking as it is well put together. A maker of self described "heavy mental hip pop" He is one of Swedens Finest musicians. Any music fan should listen to his work.

Mars: When you are planning on making a song, what do you do first? Do you start with the lyrics, a melody, or maybe a certain style or tone?

JanVernerC: Music come by itself when I play. All my life it was the same ... I just sit down with the guitar or at the piano and 'go with the flow'. But I never make any compromises when it comes to the lyrics. I jot down text-fragments and it's almost like a collage, pieces are coming together. It's such magic I don't even dare to try to explain how its happening, but one song (Traveling Light) took me 17 years. But I always have a person in mind when I write, even if that person may be a fantasy in a way its easier to write a song with him/her in mind.

Mars: Who are your favorite musicians?

JanVernerC: You will probably start laughing when I start telling you about all the musicians I simply love, and the more I listen the more I find -- talent is all over the place. Some of them I mention in the song SHAKE HANDS, which is a tribute to some influences. Dylan, Neil Young, Stevie Wonder, Outkast, Leonard Cohen, Mikis Teodorakis, U2, Stones, the H!P-groups, JJ Cale, Jackson Browne, Frank Zappa, James taylor, Bob Marley, Ry Cooder, Keith Jarret, Hot Chili Pepper, Frank Sinatra, Manson, Springsteen, Airi Suzuki, Rem, Madonna, Charley Parker, Archie Shepp, J Mitchell, Cat Stevens, ... I can go on all night telling you about artists I respect so much and I will blame myself for not remembering all their names now. There are of course a few songs that has put their fingerprints on my soul, The Pretender by Jackson Browne is one, Knocking on heavens door is another one & Sayonara No love song with Airi Suzuki is a third.... and Imogen Heap's song "Say good bye and go" (I wrote Buddha Bar after listening to this song 200 times ... at least).

Mars: Your song "We don't walk alone" Is one of the best songs ever. What exactly is it about?

JanVernerC: Thank You! All the songs are very personal. I think like this: if i make it very private I am sure most people have had the same experiences, the same feelings. "We don't walk alone" is about someone getting lost in the big labyrinth of getting into life, just like all of us, the feeling of being alone, feeling like a stranger in world that changes fast, of being 'here on Earth'. So even if we all feel lonely, separated from the rest of the world we all share the same feeling ... we don't walk alone.

Mars: What are you doing when you are not making music?

JanVernerC: Making videos. Sleeping. Writing. I actually spent most of my day the last two years working with music and everything related to it. But I'm also very fortunate with friends, all very different, some close to me, some spread all over the world - I have especially a couple of friends to thank many of the songs - they know who they are and they are precious to me. Before I was working a lot with literature, both as an editor, a published writer and translator, for many years, until an 'angel whispered in my ear' and the music absorbed all my attention. I also did a lot of radio-shows long time ago and was co-working on a couple of TV-documentaries.

Mars: I think your music is very well put together, but also quite modern. How do you balance quality with innovation so well?

JanVernerC: I just do it my way. Without sounding pompous, but I call it "heart and art" -- I just have to be honest to what is my expereince. And nothing is modern or old to me. It's just my expression, my way to 'paint'. Everything is sound. I would probably be even more 'modern' if I had the equipment. I listen to folk music (Okinawa, Irish, Bretagne etc.) and to plenty of hip hop and I work a lot with two of my kids, who influence me a lot with their beats. Many of the songs are in fact built up around the same 'structure' as a beat, and then I combine this with my 'old' acoustic folk style -- I sometimes tell my friends I call it "heavy mental hip pop".

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