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The Transendient Issue #14: Jesse and Mike

By Mars | 2008-8-26

Jesee and Mike JesseAndMike are the funniest comedians on youtube. JesseAndMike don't offer a guarentee, but if they did, i think it would be "Funny, or your money back!" they're just that funny. If i have a dime for everytime i laughed at a JesseAndMike video, i would be bathing in a pool of money. JesseAndMike are on a roll, and they're not gonna stop, like an avalanche of hilarity.

Mars: Hi JesseAndMike, Thanks again for doing this interview! In the Police Pursuit Footage video, you guys get in a car chase shootout with the police. How many cops were harmed during the making of that video?

Jesse & Mike: In our "Police Pursuit Footage" video, only one police officer suffered minor bruises, but we took out six patrol cars in total! :D LOL!

Mars: In the super funny and awesome Snakes In A Car, you shot Mike in the arm trying to take out that snake. How would you take care of a snake on Mike's leg if you were on a boat?

Jesee... or is it Mike? Jesse: I would still use a gun, but I would shoot Mike on purpose! :D LOL!

Mars: In the LOLtastic "Revenge", you trick Jesse into licking a 9 volt. How did you pull that off?

Mike: I told Jesse the 9 volt battery tasted like cake! :D LOL!

Mars: What both of your favorite movies?

Jesse & Mike: We both have the same favorite movies, they are "Dumb And Dumber" and "300"! :D

Mars: Could you guys beat Batman in a fight?

Jesse & Mike: We can and we'd like to prove it, but he refuses to take us up on our offer! :D LOL!

Mars: Mike, Jesse, who are your favorite comedians?

Jesse & Mike: Our favorite comedians are anybody that makes us laugh! :D

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