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The Transendient Issue #13: JSTACZ Interview

By Mars | 2008-08-13

JSTACZ JSTACZ is the new cool rapper in town. His rhymes speak for themselves, but he had agreed to do an interview with The Transendient nonetheless.

At 17 he already has his carreer in his own hands and one can only expect great things from him in the future.

Mars: Hi JSTACZ, thanks again for doing this interview i really appreciate it. In "HATAZ" you say:

"got a alot Of talk(lot of talk) save it for a prayer(for a prayer)hatin on a high point filled and stack with layers(stack with layers)you aint like my style(like my style)talk to me later busy on a buisness(on a buisness)i aint got time for haterz"

How do you prepare to write your lyrics? Or do they just come to you out of nowhere?

JSTACZ: See the lyrics really just comes to mind once you got your subject and what you gonna talk about everything else just goes down the line.I base this lyrics on real life situations ya know all my songs got meaning.

Mars: Who's your favorite rapper?

JSTACZ: I mean alot of rappers got talent,just the talent itself is motivation enough for me but what really step up my game is hearing PLIES he came out with some real talk.

Mars: On the track called "DEAR GOD HEAR MY PRAYER" you say:

"i wanna ask you something god,is this really true,is everybody born the same,cuz i dont have a clue,do you pick certain ones who gets to live it right,cuz i think im da certain few to either live or die,why me god all i do is fuckin try.i live minute by minute i rather ffuckin die,i know i aint livin well but god tell me why, why i had to take this road and live a crooked life"

Some of the best lyrics i've ever heard, man this song is a home run for sure.

Would you say a rich man who doesn't help anyone else is more evil than a poor man trying to survive?

JSTACZ JSTACZ: about a rich man being greedy and poor man trying to survive goes both ways.i would consider the rich man as the evil they got money and power and not to spend a dime to help someone in need is just not right ,but a poor man just trying to survive you cant blame him he has no money and he just trying to get fed or put food in the table in my opinion a rich man is the biggest evil

Mars: DAYGO SAN DIEGO Is a tight rap for sure. it has a really strong vibe to it, and some cool lyrics too:

"black and white do nothing but creep every corner corrupt,drug game is steep,people caught up in the sytem,got em scared of the heat,scared of the street most of dem snitch to police"

Do you rehearse alot? how do you stay on top of the beat like you do?

JSTACZ: rehearse well yea i mean the process of making a song for me is gettin the beat,gettin a subject,writing down the lyrics and doing the song right away after im done with the lyrics not fully memorizing it,and then i rehearse it listening to the song over and over till its in my mind then i rerecord without reading anything.REally how i stay on the beat because everytinme i wirte a line i rap that line and see if its right and then just keep doing it.makinga song is a long process if you want it done right.thats how i stay on top of the beat

Mars: What are your plans for the future musically?

JSTACZ: my plans in the future for music is really is on me.you cannot really depend on anyone when it comes to the music buisness so i think my name is gonna be out there maybe not on TV but itll be out there and sooner or later it will get pick up by someone who really listens to my lyrics

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Check out JSTACZ music for yourself and make sure you listen to the man. JSTACZ recieved this Youtube honor: "#26 - Most Viewed (This Week) - Musicians"

(Mars is the head Interviewer and Editor in cheif at the Transendient Magazine, An Online Magazine about Youtube Musicians since July 27th, 2007.)

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