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The Transendient Issue #7: Klara Mcdonnell

By Mars | 2007-11-07

Klara Mcdonnell is a singer songwriter who has appeared on irish television. Her original songs No second chance Shooting star and Passing Infatuations are even better than her covers of songs like Don't speak by no doubt, and This love by Maroon 5. Her beautifull voice cheers you up, and entertains.

Question #1: Who is your hero, who do you look up to?
Tom Waits. He is my favourite songwriter of all time, I like how versatile he is. He is also surprisingly quite a brillant actor though alot of people don't know that as some of his film choices are quite indie/cult films etc.

Question #2 What are your musical plans for the coming year?
Posting more videos of me singing on YouTube, ofcourse, finally getting to record a new e.p. and releasing a new single online, gigging more in Ireland and hopefully travelling more and gigging in other countries. So I do have some plans but in my life I never know what's going to happen and I kind of like it like that at the moment.

Question #3 Do you have any pets?
I don't at the moment unfortunately. My mother gave me a shih-ztu called Pippa for my 13th birthday but she lives at my mothers house. I've moved so many times in the last few years that poor Pippa would have been very confused.

Question #4 What is the coolest thing you've done on irish tv?
The coolest thing I've done isn't on tv yet but it will be next year. I had a line in The Tudors in the second series. I was in a scene with the very sexy Johnathan Rhys Meyers. The strangest thing I have done was pretend to be a busker in Dublin, Ireland when I was 16. I was filmed showing a day in the life of me busking when in actual fact I had never done it before. Years later I did end up doing it for real many many times when I lived in Germany.

Question #5 What is your favorite song?
I have many favorite songs and some are highly cheesey (I am a closet Britney fan shhhhhhh...) If I had to break it down to two songs they would be Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen and Out Here On My Own by Irene Cara.

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