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The Transendient Issue #22: Mistress Malice

By Mars | 2008-10-20

Malicious 01 Mistress Malice Is a beautiful and charming actress Who will be appearing in The Butterfly Effect Part 3. She was also picked as Miss Horrorfest 2007 appearing at the 8 Films to Die for horror conventions meeting the man that played Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects in the process. Check out her youtube site for videoblogs with news on her acting career.

Mars: Hi Mistress Malice, thanks so much for this interview! You will be bringing your wonderful charisma and talent to film, acting in The Butterfly Effect Part 3. Is there anything you can tell me at this point about the film, or your role in it?

Mistress Malice: 1. I'm very excited to be part of the new film The Butterfly Effect: Revelation. I really can't say what part I'll be playing, however it is a small supporting role, and I've got a few scenes in the movie which I'm very excited about. I know everyone that sees this film will enjoy it.

Mars: What was the first horror film you remember watching?

Mistress Malice: 2. The first horror movie I ever watched was The Exorcist.

Mars: What was it like being picked as Miss Horrorfest 2007?

Malicious 01 Mistress Malice: 3. Being picked as Miss Horrorfest 2007 was an amazing experience. I've had a lot of fun and a great year. I'll be sad when my reign is up, but it's time for a new Miss Horrorfest to take a shot at it.

Mars: You list Marilyn Manson as one of your favorite musicians. What's your favorite Manson song?

Mistress Malice: 4. Did I say Marilyn Manson is my favorite musician? I think he is a talented performer, but I'm going to have to say that ultimately my favorite musician of all time is Trent Reznor. I just think he is a musical genius.

Mars: You appear at the 8 Films to Die for horror conventions. Any fun stories about that experience?

Mistress Malice: 5. Horror conventions are always fun, mostly because I get to meet so many interesting people. One of my favorite times was when I got to meet the Incredible Hulk, Lou Ferigno. He was a really nice person, and I also met the man that played Captain Spaulding in Rob Zombie's House of 1000 Corpses and The Devil's Rejects. Horror conventions are a really tight knit community actually.

Mars: The pink hair look you have in your "Weird Los Angeles" video was totally cool! In "Malice and Vodka" you have a blonde look which is rad. What advice do you have on keeping your hair looking fantastic?

Mistress Malice: 6. I pretty much change my hair on a whim all the time. I love looking interesting, and playing around with different styles. Unfortunately, due to my obsession with coloring my hair, it's sustained a lot of damage, so I would just say that I condition the hell out it and pray it doesn't fall out.

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