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The Transendient Issue #3: Interview with Mars Darinder

By Zeus | 2007-08-10

Mars is the best damn Transend musician in the whole world. He's got an album out and one on the way. Here is his face. And these... are his words.

Five For Mars

Darinder #1 What inspired you to sing?

Marilyn Manson.

#2 What is the weirdest song you've ever done?

No bar is too low for me to slither above. I have no interest in normalcy or cynicism. I've invented inverted singing and voicetar. The former is a new form of abraisive melody the latter is sort of the sound of a kidnapping victim in the trunk of a car in outer space. Deminishing returns off of Revisiting Mars, out OCT 1st.

#3 If you were a character in a barbarian movie what Arnold Schwarzenegger would you be?

Arnold, He says gay marraige should be between a man and a woman and i agree. two queens is a pair in poker, not in bed. You need a top and a bottom for hot gay action.

#4 If you had the chance to inherit a magic guitar that would solve all your problems whats the first riff you would riff?

I allready have it's called voice-tar and i did deminishing returns, which also features the only actual guitarwork on the album as well, though there is also some synth guitars in there.

#5 If you could sing a duet with anyone dead--would you? Even though they're dead?

Shit yeah i don't want some living dude hogging my spotlight give me a corpse and i'll give you a heavenly time.

#6 Why is Transend better than all other genres?

I made Transend so i could hear a genuinely new style of music that doesn't over do guitars drums was sung different and found new ways to pace songs so they aren't the same bardic immitations and germanic techno plaugerisms we've grown accustomed to in the USA.

In fewer words: I am the new big thing in music. Have a listen to my art You'll find i make highly entertaining story driven music with so much visual imagery packed in the lyrics, so much heart in the singing.

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