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The Transendient Issue #15: Master of Hyrule

By Mars | 2008-8-26

Master of Hyrule Master Of Hyrule Makes funny videos about video games which i think is pretty damn cool. He's kinda like Keanu Reeves from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, except he travels through video game time and space, looking for that perfect video game death, and hoping his next leap will be the leap home. Plus he loves The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Mars: Could you talk about the classic video game deaths video? Were there any good deaths that didn't make the cut?

Master of Hyrule: Well, for the classic video game deaths was just a random thought that just came to mind and there wasn't any videos really about it at the time. So, I just recorded deaths from some of the popular classic games and some random games that I thought were good enough to put in the video. I didn't really think it was that great of a video at the time I made it and it did receive a bunch of hits but I never had my name in the video... so it got put on another site and receive 100,000 views (which actually kinda ticked me off). I put my name in it later though so no one else can steal it. I might make more in the future since a lot of people liked it.

Mars: Your vid about Carmageddon 64 brought back some memories for me, i used to play the pc version. The 64 version you weren't so fond of however. What's the cheesiest video game ever made?

Master of Hyrule: The cheesiest game... hm.. I can't really think of one really except... Superman 64 was probably one of the cheesiest or ET for the Atari. Superman 64 was bad because the controls were horrible, gameplay was really bad (nothing fun), and the graphics were horrible. ET is annoying because you keep falling in the holes and plus you have no idea what you're trying to find/do unless you actually can figure out what to do. I've seen videos on how to do it now so it makes more sense now.

Mars: What's your favorite video game soundtrack?

Master of Hyrule Master of Hyrule: I haven't really listened to too much sounds tracks but I would have to say Twilight Princess or Super Smash Bros. Brawl. That music was awesome! The people playing the music did a very fine job making it.

Mars: Your video about The Haunting was great, i used to rent that game and beat it. The Haunting was so original for it's time even if the whole ectoplasm depleting constantly thing can be annoying. Doesn't the dad, Vito Look Just Like Otho from Bettlejuice?

Master of Hyrule: I had to google search Otho from Bettlejuice but I found the actor who played him in the movie but not the cartoon. If you mean the movie, then I would have to say no.. the cartoon, I couldn't find any picture of him.

Mars: What is your favorite video game of all time?

Master of Hyrule: My favorite game of all time.. that's an easy answer... The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Most people can easily tell I'm a Zelda fan by my name and logo. Zelda: Ocarina of Time just had what I am looking for.. Twilight Princess was good but not as great for some reason. I've beat Ocarina of Time at least 5-7 times. I've beat Twilight Princess only twice.

Mars:How do you beat the ice palace in Ocarina of Time? I love 64 but i've only ever beat the original Zelda, Link to the Past, and Links Awakening I never could figure out the ice palace, there's all those different water level switches and whatnot, it's really tough.

Master of Hyrule: I'm guessing your stuck at the part where you have to push the blocks to get up the ledge so you can collect the silver rupee. You just have to push it in a certain order and you can easily get up the ledges. I'm not good at explaining things but there's some great faqs about this game on gamefaqs: http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/n64/game/197771.html

Mars: I agree about Twilight Princess, it's not as good and of course Wind Waker had problems. What did you think about Majora's Mask? did you like the style of that game?

Master of Hyrule: Majora's Mask was quite fun actually, changing masks, trying to go though the game within 3 days but you must go back in time to do all the events. The whole alien thing was awesome where you had to run around the ranch to kill the aliens before they went and kidnapped the girl.. then the next event for the ranch girl was to go protect the other girl and safely get the milk to clock town. The fairy in the game was a big improvement over Navi with her constant nagging.. Just talking about Majora's Mask makes me want to play it again. :) I also found Majora's Mask to be a slight bit tougher when doing the 3 heart challenge compared to OOT. Ganon was easy to beat with three hearts but the Majora's Mask was much tougher and I did it without the Fierce Deity mask. :)

Mars: What's your favorite video game based movie?

Master of Hyrule: Video game based movie? I'm guessing you mean movies about a particular game or you mean a movie based about video games? I'm not totally sure of the question but I'll answer both ways. Movie based on a particular game: Super Mario Bros Movie about Video games: The Wizard I found this movie to be quite enjoyable to watch even to this day. I love the whole story line and how a little kid is just awesome at games. Personally when I was his age playing games, I sucked so bad at them. It's actually quite funny to see adults challenging a little kid at video games saying how he can't beat them and well of course he does. I really loved the showcase of Super Mario Bros. 3 towards the end of the movie when the top 3 winners go face to face for the ultimate prize. That was an epic moment and plus it's a great advertisement for the game.

Mars: What dream video game would you make if you had Miyamoto working for you?

Master of Hyrule: If Miyamoto would work for me, It would be a Zelda game (or a game like Zelda) but it would need lots of weapons and items. Very Challenging to beat but not impossible like some games, it must have a great story line, lots of puzzles, hidden secrets that's hard to find, tons of side quests, very long gameplay (over 100 hours). It would need huge monsters that actually require a lot of skills to beat instead of hitting them in the back or something. It contains a second quest where things are much different and much tougher to beat and a bit of change in the story line.

Mars: Who would play you in a movie about your life?

Master of Hyrule: I already played in a movie about my life, it's called the 40 year old virgin. :) Ok, I'm just kidding, even though his name is Andy but I'm not 40 yet. :P

I guess I would play in a movie about my life because who knows my life then the person who went through it. I don't know who would watch though except myself. :)

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