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The Transendient Issue #8: Morgan Harper

By Mars | 2007-11-07

Morgan Harper Morgan harper is a lovely and cool singer songwriter her originals include Darling imperfection boys with their guitars and also she won the bratz movie contest as well with her hit It doesn't take stars to shine. she also covered songs such as somewhere only we know by keane and cancer by my chemical romance.

Click here for the interview video on YouTube. I've also transcribed the interview with Morgan Harper below.

Thanks so much for doing this interview Morgan!

Question #1: who is your hero?
That's kind of a hard question for me to answer because i have alot of heroes but over the years i came to the conclusion the my hero is what makes people heroes and in my opinion thats god so i guess you could say gods my hero. And just in case you were wondering my favorite superhero of all time is definitely superman hands down.

Question #2: Whats your favorite song ever?
Wow thats a really hard question. I literally had to think about this one for hours but i did narrow it down to three i hope thats ok. (couldn't understand the name of the first song, please click on interview video to hear the missing piece yourself. -ed) The second being the blues by switchfoot. about five months before this song was released on this album i wrote a poem called connection and i called it connection because i had a strong connection to the context of the poem and when that album nothing is sound came out i listened to song number six and the lyrics to that song seriously matched the meaning of my poem and like, they were almost identical and i couldn't believe it so the song really stuck to me and the third would probably have to be after all these years by silverchair musically the song is impeccable it's phenomenal i would encourage anyone to listen to it if your a musician especially its a very beautiful song and thats mostly why i like that one.

Question #3: What was it like winning the bratz movie contest?
That was a very interesting experience one because when my sister told me about the competition i wasn't really honestly paying attention to it like whatever i'll do it if something happens it happens if it doesn't happen i'm not gonna cry but um, it was a real shocker when they called a few weeks later and said "you won the contest" i was like really, i mean i wasn't even really trying to win but i guess thats how it goes. they sent some paperwork we signed it, sent the video off and the movie came out hehe i was in it.

And that's when it really hit me like, up until that point it was kind of surreal i couldn't conceptualize that they wanted to take a video that my sister had done and that i was in and put it in a major production so when i actually saw it it was really cool and i think it's out on dvd right now i haven't bought it yet but i probably should.

Yeah it was a really interesting experience i'll just leave it at that (laughter)

Question #4: If one of your songs went down in history as a huge hit, which one would you like it to be?
Another tricky question well i would probably have to say the song thats in the bratz movie "it doesn't take stars to shine" as much as i get tired of playing it sometimes, that song i've noticed has had some of the greatest influence on people i've played it for including lionsgate films and myspace.com i mean obviously they put it in one of their movies. So i would definitely have to say that song because anybody can relate to it and it's a very motivating song and i think it could relate to generations and generations after me so yeah it doesn't take stars to shine which can be found on myspace.com if youd like to listen to it also on my ep it doesn't take stars to shine it's #1 i think. So yeah check that out and hopefully the rest of the world will eventually check it out too.

Question #5: Do you have any pets?
Well um, truth is i don't right now this past summer i did however have a fish named Orlando he was a beta fish and i actually won him at my school spring formal however right before my family left for Texas this summer i was cleaning his water the lazy way and i kind of sent him down the drain with the old water and i kind of didn't realize it until about four hours later. I thought he was in the bowl the whole time i'm just now admitting that. My family's probably cracking up right now because they know how devastated i was, and how i was so convinced that he had flopped out of the bowl somewhere we just didn't see him but yeah that was my last pet.

I've had a few dogs over the years a few birds a few other fish but yeah i haven't had a real pet in awhile. I would like to have another dog someday i really like terriers and labradores. So if you want to give me a puppy or something that'd be cool. Thanks for this interview i hope i answered all the questions tactfully.

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