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The Transendient Issue #4: Interview with Mostropuork

By Mars | 2007-08-10

Mostropuork is an all-around great guy.

Five For Mostropuork

Mostropuork #1 What is the best song you've done?

My best song(for me)is Puork. Is the first and when I play this song I'm very happy!!

#2 Your music has a fun and heavy sound to it, who's your biggest influence?

I love metal and the bands important for me are: Morbid Angel, Slayer, Sepultura and more...But I don't play this metal, I play rock. I think! :)

#3 What's your favorite animal?

The dog.

#4 What would you like to say to your fans?

XD I haven't fans but very thanx to all the people who like my music. Peace.

#5 What advice would you give a new musician struggling to find a sound?

Sing what you know and don't let go.

Excuse my terrible english I pray you to correct my mistake. Very very THANX for this opportunity. Bye bye :)

(I think his english is awesome, so i basically changed nothing for i saw nothing wrong. Thanks again Mostro! -Mars)

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