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The Transendient Issue #2: Interview with Natasha

By Mars | 2007-08-02

Natasha (AKA Natazha or la1880) Is a Famous singer with a big following on Youtube.

Not only is she quite talented, she has held fundraisers for tsunami victims, raising enough money for four playgrounds. Her next project involves helping orphans with Hiv/aids in Africa

Five For Natasha

Natasha #1 What inspired you to sing?

I love singing because it makes me happy. I think it brings people together universally because everyone loves listening to a good tune!

#2 If you could sing a duet with any singer who would it be?

I love a lot of singers! I cant really choose! But my top favourite has to be amy winehouse! But I love so many other singers too, who I would also love to sing with!

#3 Do you plan on releasing a CD anytime soon?

Well, I dont know if I am going to release a cd.

#4 What is your method of song selection?

I just choose songs I like to sing. Sometimes I hear a nice song on the radio and then I just sing it. I also have a whole list of requests, so I also pick some songs out of that list.

#5 What's your favorite animal?

I absolutely love all animals (perhaps maybe not a great white shark or piranhas)! I swam with dolphins a couple of years ago! Dolphins and rabbits definitely have to be my favourite animals!

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Click here to visit Natasha's YouTube profile

- Mars

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