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The Transendient Issue #5: Zondaymania TayZonday Tours with Fallout Boy

By Mars | 2007-10-15

Image: Tay
Zonday Tayzonday is touring with fallout boy.

He was mentioned on VH1's Top 20 Countdown, and appeared on Jimmy Kimmel live. His latest single, Say No To Nightmares is his greatest work yet.

It begins with a solemn tone and a stunning piano number. "The devils who had done it, we had to see them dead. and enemys in distant caves is where the headlines lead."

This introduction sets the pace for what is another excellent single from the Zonday quiver.

But has Tay Zonday risen above the shroud of "internet celebrity"? Does it matter?

He's more famous than half the rouster of VH1 or MTV. More Reputable than most the bands reviewed in any music magazine. Perhaps the dark cloud of the "B" list has moved away from the internet. Perhaps Tayzonday is the reason why.

Some say Tayzonday is the dawn of new things. I say he is one of the Transendient Youtube Music Magazine's flagship artist's. Here at the Transendient Tayzonday is the new king of pop. The king is dead, long live Tayzonday long live Zondaymania for sunday is now Zonday.

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