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The Transendient Issue #1: Interview with Tayzonday

By Mars | 2007-07-27

Tayzonday is an internet based musician who sings original and cover songs on youtube. He certainly has more real fans than many televised musicians.

Who is Tayzonday?
He was kind enough to conduct an interview with Bucketbros.com and i am proud to give you his words.

This interview will give all his fans, myself included, a new level of understanding of the musician Tayzonday, and the man behind the deep sexy voice.

Thank you for this interview Tay.

Five for Tay

#1 What inspired you to sing?

There's just something inside me that wants to come out. Is this unusual? Why do people sing in the shower?

The better question to ask is why people don't sing on a regular basis. Why does everyone sing alone in the shower and alone in the car? Everybody does it. Everybody has those moments alone where they think that, maybe for a second, they can actually sing. They can actually give a political speech. So they're driving to work and singing their brains out with all the windows shut. They're pacing at 3AM in their kitchen giving the speech that they would give to the company if they were the boss.

Your question only makes sense because the world is backwards. What I'm doing is normal. What inspires people to be publicly silent? We all have these moments of brilliant expression between ourselves and the wall. Anyone who says they don't is a liar. The fact that I take a camera and put it on Youtube doesn't make me special. Everyone dreams of not being silent. Everyone has the "drum major instinct." Most people stay silent.

Why are people so consistently inspired to silent against their nature? It's a question for you to ask of this Earth.

#2 If you could do a duet with any singer, living or dead, who would it be?

Who's a really famous female tenor? I often wish there were more female tenors as my range doesn't sync as well with altos and sopranos.

The oddest thing is that I do not really listen to music. My parents were very strict and protective when I was growing up. Even as a teenager approaching adulthood, if it wasn't Disney music or classical music then it was not allowed. The only "safe" musical outlet for me was secretly downloading MP3s when they became popular around 1995. But it wasn't possible to download entire albums with a 14.4kbps modem. So it was just the hits from various artists. Because I never had access to full albums and wasn't allowed to watch MTV or VH1, I never came to identify with particular artists.

Because of how I grew up, I never developed a big musical vocabulary of singers. So I'm not sure how I would answer a question like this specifically.

#3 You have a unique style that comes through best on your original songs but on your covers as well. How would you describe your style of singing?

Gosh. I really don't know. How would you describe it? I'm not that unique to me. I'm just me. What is the referent for "unique?" I'm often compared to Paul Robeson, Barry White, James Earl Jones, and the Crash Test Dummies. That's not a good Public Relations answer, but it's true. A marketing department might say that I have a lustrous voice that is smooth as silk and sexy as a buttermilk massage on the moonlit balcony of a Paris penthouse.

#4 What's your favorite animal?

I am really stumped by this question. I don't have a favorite animal.

#5 What is your method of song selection?

I don't have a method. I've done a modest variety of styles. I would say that my most popular covers and originals have been in the vein of dance/pop/techno music. But I don't explicitly stick with that. The originals that I perform are largely constrained by a lack of access to more talented producers. I'm starting to explore Karaoke tracks as a solution.

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- Mars

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