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The Transendient Issue #6: Interview with Thalysiakeuh

By Mars | 2007-11-07

Thalysiakeuh has one of the best voices on the internet and therefore the world. Will she be the next TayZonday to be interviewed on this website and then break through touring with top teir acts and being interviewed on late night television? Quite possibly.

Some of her best covers include Whole Again, the Mega Mindy theme, and When you believe.

Question # 1 Alot of people leave comments saying they wish they could sing like you. I wouldn't expect you to share all your secrets, but what advice would you give to aspiring singers?

It doesn't matter how you sing nor what type of voice you have as long as you enjoy singing, you will go far. I loved singing since i was a little kid and i'm so happy that YouTube is existing so i can share my songs with a world wide audience and of course i still dream to get famous one day (don't all teenagers do...)but as the saying goes: a dream is just a dream, until you decide to make it happen !

That's why i started with a voice coach last September but my advice to all (including myself) stays: just enjoy your music.

Question # 2 If you could do a duet with any singer who would it be?

That's a though question but i think i would love to do a duet one day with Whitney Houston cause she is such a powerfull singer and i absolutely love her songs. Also with Hilary Duff i would love to sing a duet cause she's young and soooo talented.

Question # 3 What are your plans for the future musicaly?

I got the leading part in a musical called "Different is ok as well" (musical against racism). At the moment we are practising every week and the premier would be in April. So i'm very excited about that. Also I will participate - beginning next year - in a singing contest called "Talent der Lage Landen" (It's a talentshow for Belgium and the Netherlands).

Question # 4 Hows the weather in Zwijndrecht this time of year?

Like everyday in Belgium, it's cloudy, rainy and (very) cold !

Question # 5 What defines you?

Singing is my life but for the rest i'm just a regular teenager, who loves to make fun with her friends, enjoys music ... I also love animals and love visiting other countries. My family and my friends are very important to me and of course are they my biggest supporters.

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