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The Transendient Issue #17: Update on Mars Darinder's 3rd CD

By Mars | 2008-09-01

Mars Darinder 03 He Must Be Saved He Must Be Damned Is a musical contained on a cd. Any direct resemblance to any real life person is entirely coincidental. This cd is not an attempt to incite a riot or rebellion, if anything it chronicles history while coloring in the details.

The Story is about the President of the United States Blowing up most of the world and Using an army of robots controlled by gamers he aims to genocide further.

The only hero in his way is Jhonothan White, A pro peace and love activist who just wants the killing to stop...at any price.

Mars Darinder 02 The world is the battlefield in this allegoric wartime epic full of romance relegeon love hope life death murder and renewal.

I am very proud of the sound i've achieved. This is the third and last cd of Transend music for awhile. I've invented Transend 1.5 which will have vocal distortion, much better Prosody and also it will be the first sub genre of Transend, the music genre i invented.

Mars Darinder World Tour was a cd for free sort of and sort of a world wide free consert.

I went to Japan Ireland America Italy Mexico Iraq New Zealand Belgium, all over pretty much.

The sound quality was very good and the song selection was happy and simple.

Mars Darinder 01 About Talking rabbits, The Band CIAM (Producer: by John Fryer) Said: "your a fucking genious"

About Grown Apart they said:

"love it baby"

Which is an honor for me personaly. The genious quote is going on my tombstone.

About Spring Today:)

Adam Feust said

Mars Darinder 04 "Cool dude so on the edge for that"

Which i appreciate very much for sure.

Along with The Dragon Series it's the last of the Contempoary Transend albums certainly for now.

The Dragon Series:

The Dragon Series is seven instrumental tracks.

The seventh is coming 09

Forrest Dragon and Patch Dragon are my favorites. The Sound home is an ancient form of magic i've unearthed or perhaps something new? who knows unlike anything else, the sound home is even a mystery to me.

I redesigned my website and now theres links to my videos and the freemusic downloads on Youtube Mediafire and Imageshack. Theres an art gallery now. And lyrics to every Mars Darinder Song Ever.


All My music is Written By Mars Darinder (C) 2007-2008 Mars Darinder Inc. All Rights Reserved.

He Must Be Saved He Must Be Damned Has 27 Songs on 14 tracks. approx. 80 mins of music.

The Singles include Kurt Russle - Heir To The Kingdom A song about Walt Disney And what he wrote to Kurt Russle before he died.

Mars Darinder 05

He Must Be Saved He Must Be Damned is the titular track and is about the president thinking about what he's done and realising what he's become as Jhonathan White and the Leader Of The Cytokines (A.K.A Murderer in P.G.) Storm the whitehouse and finaly... well tune in to the final three videos still to come and find out for yourself!

I was part of the CDMagz global kisses video which got alot of honors:

Honours for this video (8) 10.07.2008
#2 - Most Discussed (Today) - Non-profits & Activism - Global
#24-Most Responded (Today)-Non-profits& Activism-Global
#68-Most Responded (This Week)-Non-profits& Activism- Global
#32-Most Viewed (Today)-Non-profits& Activism-Global
#34-Most Viewed (Today)-News&Politics-NL
#2 - Top Favorites (Today)-Non-profits & Activism-Global
#2-Top Rated (Today) -Non-profits&Activism- Global
#27 -Top Rated (This Week) - Non-profits & Activism - Global

Further Reading

Here are links to the six part musical know as He Must Be Saved He Must Be Damned, the free counterpart to the 27 song cd, He Must Be Saved He Must Be Damned.

A strategy guide on how to avoid death in the fictional video game VWR is coming later on as well.

Thanks to all my family, friends, and of course God for all the lives my music has had the honor of touching.

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