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The Transendient Issue #16: What's New With Tay Zonday

By Mars | 2008-09-01

Tay Zonday Tay Zonday Has Made alot of new songs latey like Cherry Chocolate Rain (It had it's own soda named after it.) Crash Into Weird And Explode and Chasing Eden and Remembering and Too Big For You

Crash into weird has the line "Is he straight? Is he gay?

"Is he black? Is he white? I'm walking every line Like batman at night"
Lines like this are why Along With Mars Darinder, CIAM, Thalysiakeuh, And Natasha, TayZonday is a star here at the Transendient.

These are the singers and composers and writers of our generation.

Tay Zonday In Remembering you he says "Re-mem-brin' you

"Makes me cry Don't know how I'll survive"
Great Chorus.

Great Prosody.

And to clarify the lyrics of Chasing Eden he announced on his youtube site:

"THIS SONG IS ABOUT THE WAR IN IRAQ! I'm amazed by how it seems like 90% of the audience missed the song's topic. I only use Christian metaphors because I (wrongly) assumed they were common knowledge; not to advance a religious position.

"Chasing Eden" is a metaphor for the failed pursuit of salvation in the most commonly accepted historical location for a "Garden of Eden," the Fertile Crescent tied to the Tigris and Euphretes rivers in IRAQ. "

Tay Zonday He Was at a cool Youtube Berlin Party which made history as the first time TayZonday Was at a Berlin party of any kind.

So what's new for Tay Zonday?

He's Busy Being the New King Of Pop that's what!!!

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