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Underrated/Overhated: Shadowbane

By Mars | 2008-06-18


Welcome to overhated and underrated. The internets premier hotspot to find video games that are better than Call of doodie and HalOhMyGodThisIsMediocre


My names Mars, and i will guide you through the wealth of Doom 2 clones with so much payola backing them they're guarenteed to get 10's, and onto the lost classics made by not EA and not square, sorry big boys time for some underdogs to have their day.

Quick breakdown.

  • Master of magic/orion
  • Shadowrun for genesis/super nintendo
  • Death Knights of Kryyn
  • Shadowbane
  • The Simpsons Arcade Game
  • Crystalis
  • Beat'em Ups
  • Turn Based 4X
  • Hard Old School Hand Drawn Console Style RPG's
  • Weird collectable card games, yeah i just though of that one. Jihad, On the Edge, 5 Rings Werewolf the apocolype so many more... why not? every once in a while i'll throw one of the old games i used to play back when i had friends locally (shout to Jay MAc, Big Cass, Ton Dog, Big Kev, Big Jason, And your mom.
  • Anything you hate too much for no damn good reason while playing some stinkfest instead.



This game is the best mmorpg ever and i haven't had this much fun playing something called an rpg online since the old MUD's what with their deep class systems (i was playing a vampire who sucked blood for magic points that was made before legacy of kain for psone but i ramble unprofessionally.)

The reason to play Shadowbane is because you can run an empire, play a vampire, or bust out a minotuar fighter and act as a midevil umpire. Theres no monthly fee, the world recently reset after 5 years so the playing field has been leveled somewhat.

The grafix are amazing the music is top notch refer to this library of pictures for proof of the grafical might.


It didn't start out free so initial reviews weren't up to snuff with the simple fact this this game is awesometastic free or fee.

It's hard to rule the world unless your twelve because your essentially expected to never log off unless you want to lose your crown assuming your king. As biggie smalls put it "Mo money mo problems." Of course being a seadog or a freelancer is possible and low stress not counting getting pk'd by clicks of low talent pack minded players.



This is probably the best computer game since the turn of the century if not longer (Spirit engine gets an honorable mention as well.) Fantastic functions found fanatical fans. The mechanics of the game are profoundly deep. Theres many races, clases, sub classes, tons of good back story, more added all the time.

Also it's very fun and some of the players are actually really cool and if you hop off your high horse you can role play a bit and have some fun with the locals.

Here's a link to a bucket video i did on this game last year. That should give you a better idea of what the game is like, and how crazy i am. Yes i am getting balder, thank you for noticing 5% body fat + 25% muscle = extra testosterone = Premature balding. No, i'm not taking steriods stop spreading rumors about me.

Anyway yeah, this game Transends. If you don't know what that means lets just say it ROXERZ.


The most important thing to considor when making a charicter is are you going to be playing team or solo? If your going at it solo pick a warrior to start and make him minotaur or half ogre. "tough as nails" and "healthy as an ox" should get you started on abilities You can subtract five points from each of your initial statistics for more legroom with your skills, do it. HEY, DO IT.

Okay, you've got some extra starting hitpoints and muscle if you've picked the right charicter traits. You might want to increase your starting skill with your primary weapon for more advanced weapon selection later on when there's 90+ X weapon proficiancy weapon requirements.

Pick one weapon. axes and swords are the best theres plenty to go around and enemies drop them often. Wear the heaviest type of armor you can, just load up. Wizards can't wear armor just cloth and jewelry. They die alot unless your going for a team situation and even then well, they die alot. But theres plenty of amazing spells none the less and they seem to have fixed the "rest pet" crash, so summons are more balanced than before.


Rule #1 goodluck making friends outside the newbie zone. Once you reach level twenty you go to the mainland where it's virtually impossible to gain a level inside a safe zone (no pk zone)

So make like stone cold steve austin and don't trust anybody after lev 20. But as long as your in the newbie zone it's fairly easy to team, especialy with a fighter or cleric class. So set the mood, set the pace, set the standard. Become team leader. Find a zone and start killing enemies with your giant blade.

Dudes will come up and ask for an invite. click on them, and then hit "invite new team member". Now your a boss. Get your party big by staying in a mid level area, so everybodys gaining exp still but noones dying every five seconds.

Watch out for people who want to go to town constantly, but at level ten you have to pick a new class before you can level up so then it's cool to take off real quick once the area is safe for the remaining players.

Don't be a pain in the ass. Grab your fair share of equipment unless nonones grabbing anything. Then it's okay to liquidate. If your busy, ask someone else to loot, as it helps with lag and brings new enemies in once they're looted. Go to your chat window and hit /group this way you can talk to your group, group text will be blue and nearby jerks can't read it.


One good trick for outside newbie land is go simply playing on the roleplaying server which is segregated by class and race the end result of which is less pking from rival gangs. If you play a vampire for example, you get miles of toumbstones and broken chruches to go ghoul hunting in.

This should be considored an "intermediate" zone because it's usualy easier to play that way than the none role playing server where you can't invite yourself into a guild you have to be recruited. Have fun killing big turtles in seadogs lair for 1 exp.

If you must play on one of the hard servers heres some advice for that.


Going to the chaos and oblivion realms can be a good way to gain exp. be very very sneaky. Go to the portal hub and warp to oblivion then chaos or vice versa to trick dumber portal campers. Or you can camp at the beginning and try to kill players like i tried to do in the bucket video sketch. Thats more of a high level trick though.

Basicly look for an area with good monsters and no competition and start killing. Take a teleport scroll with you unless you have the spell. After you get a decent amount of gold tele back to town and bank it. Repeat. Avoid enemy hotspots. Click on the looking for team button it may save your life from another paranoid loner.

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That about sums it up.

Heres that picture gallery link again i took some sweet pictures of some of my exploits and glories in the Underrated Overhated world of Shadowbane.

I give this game 4 out of four shadowruns.
2 Out of four master of magics.
And 4 out of four Crystalises.

- Mars
mars [at sign] bucketbros [period] com

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