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MarSilF magazine Issue one who is Silf from the song My Goddess Silf?

By Mars | 2011-06-04

MarSilF magazine Issue one who is Silf from the song My Goddess Silf?

Silf AKA the Silfster AKA My Goddess Silf.

Who is Silf?
What is Silf?
When is Silf?
Where is Silf?
Why is Silf?

Who is Silf?

Silf is my Goddess.

She was born in Spain also she is of Spanish descent. Silf moved to Ireland with her father when she was in her early teens.

There she worked with a local fisherman selling fish to the locals for coin. She and her boyfriend slept at sea on their boat in a small room with a cabin galley combo with a single wide bed a candle and not much also a few books and some Dried fish jerky. sometimes they would camp out on the shore in the forrest. No tent just blankets and gusto.

Silf drowned at sea during night time under a cloudy sky Her useless stupid boyfriend remained in his usual drunken slumber As she cried for help over and over gasping for air 5 times before sinking into the cold dark oceanic Liquid

Silf died at 19 about 850 years ago.

What is Silf?

She is a Goddess an angel a Mind within the Liquid a Ghost a Baby Boo a Tova Dybbuk.

When is Silf? Always.

Where is Silf? Heaven, AKA Gen Edan. Read the Torah.

Why is Silf? RTFTRU Read The fucking Torah. Rightside up.

Together we fought lam prey a lamp ray pegan false idol rapist false heaven filled with singers such as the DEMONS who run the minds of every single pop act from Panic at the Disco to Marilyn Manson

We cracked the fish bowl and freed the lost souls swimming in it.

We created Harmony Gods female aspect to help God.

The House of Harmony lives inside us all and saves our souls

The little green men the alien greys and whites helped the Immortal race the dolphins create heaven in 2008.

I spearheaded the assault by feeding my body to the ocean.

It is from our watery graves that we sing to you, from the Aquatic Heartland

Arch angel is an alien white who stepped into the fire as kindling to keep his 3 friends warm a wolf a man and a little green man during an ice age in time immemorial There he stays to this day.

here is some info on the map of the universe.

Welcome Intrepid readers, to the map of the universe.

The only book in existance on earth that can accurately inform you of your curent intergalactic location regardless of which galaxy you happen to be in, although there are many foggy spots on my universal map because mentally and spiritually contacting living aliens and the dead can be a very draining way of learning about the universal map and I have found myself awake for days at a time conversing with little green men, greys, and Goddesses alike, dead sober.

In addition to telling you how to find your way around the universe, I will also teach you how to contact the dead or even other living beings who happen to live on more advanced planets.

In the coming pages with enough effort you can become a mind within life, as opposed to a mind detached from life. In Kabbalist Judaism it is taught that there are three elements of the soul: nefesh, ru'ach, and neshamah. It also teaches of the holy journey that we all must take in order to evolve spiritually,

Asserting that while the nefesh is with us all at birth, the higher aspects of the sould such as the eternal component of the soul neshamah must be found over time through spiritual evolution.

Dualism is the belief that the mind is somewhat non-physical or even metaphysical, that the mind works like most think the soul does in essence. Mind/body dualism is in Hebrew Scripture (Genesis 2:7) G-d is said to have created the original human a living, psycho-physical fusion of mind and body, divine dualism.

Connecting these ideas, the concept of the mind as a soul like entity and the concept of spiritual growth as a way to find G-d and Heaven not just something for the Rabbis and Preachers, it is necessary for contacting paranormal life forms and using these contacts to discover about the true nature of the universe we live in.

Chapter one: The map of the universe.

Earth is in the center of the universe. Not much else is in the center except planets with no exceptionally intelligent life only primitive ant like insect cultures and large whale like underwater creatures they worship as G-ds.

To the north is the greys in countless flying saucers, because they multiply their UFO's numbers on the spiritual plane known as Heaven and since Heaven and the universe are blurred to the holy, a physical ship or a metaphysical one, a ghost of a space ship if you will, are one in the same, and thus even an army of "fake" space ships could ward off a "real" space fleet, because for many intellegent life forms the two worlds are allmost one in the same, two lives one of which dies out rather than a life and an afterlife.

The greys live in teams of eight on flying saucers. The saucers are either chrome or sometimes brass, and glow green.

They sleep while walking and never eat or go to the bathroom. Instead like all advanced races they feed off the souls and bodies of prey such as humanity and off of subserviant planets nutrients.

They accomplish this with a mixture of technology and magic. When one of the group malfunctions by becoming too human for example and smashing some of the equipment in the saucer in a fit of rage, or talking in a foreign races accent, they will be incenerated and a new more hive minded and average grey will be born out of a tube to replace the malfunctioning one, making them a replacable life form, much in the same way a human would replace a computer that had broken down and couldn't function properly, a greys life ends when it becomes a glitch in the program, a broken machine.

They used to have planets, but they lost all their territory in the universal war which took place 27 million years ago.

Their ships never need to land because their fuel is life based, meaning the life they absorb from prey races and prey planets is converted into fuel and energy as well as food.

Their afterlife is steril and faded, like a ghosts and most simply ceace to exist upon termination.

Like the little green men, they multiply themselves metaphysically in the plane of existance known as heaven, but most of thse copies are mere hollow images, more distractions to confuse ones enemies and lead those enemies off the spiritual path of the greens and greys, these copies are usually not true souls, rather none sentient illusions and holy weapons and armor made to protect the minds and souls of the greens and greys as well as their desciples such as myself.

Like the little green men, they chose to sacrifice their true way of life a long time ago simply in order to survive through the great war that all wars since echo, the universal war.

Right now in the northern territory of the universe there is only scrap planets filled with ruined socioties of fallen alien races as well as those alien races who barely survived the invaision of the wolves and the counter invaisions of the humans, greys, and the steel race which led to the steel race attempting to kill heaven by converting all intelligent life to steel bodies and breaking faith.

The steel race did this first to the wolves, tourtering them until they renounced their gods which like the wolves rape of many planets, lasted thousands of years, because the average life span used to be in the millions of years, so a being could be raped or turtered seemingly endlessly, and since the wolves had ruined so many lives, the steel race wanted to pretty much break them of their sentience.

So they turned the wolves from a moderately advanced humanoid race with amazing melee combat abilities, "The mastes of melee combat" as they called themselves and they kept record of every planet ever overthrown by melee combat, basicly a list of planets the wolves had overtook personally, into savage animals who didn't even know their old secrets of space travel anymore and reverted the wolves into a pegan cult of energy draining mystics with three planets left, one master planet which preyed on slave races, one intermediate planet, and one slave planet for dominant alien races to outright feed upon.

The humans lost all their territory by the time the steel race had defeated the wolves and so they made refuge on the little green mens planets in the nourtheast and southeast territories eventaully dying out except for dna samples which the little green men later used after the war to take humanity off of the extinct species list creating earth as a new home for the once dominant race known as humanity.

At this point in the war about half way through, the steel race went mad and began their war on heaven and earth, trying to kill off everything living and all faith through mass conversion from flesh to steel and through planet specific attacks on faith, from logical debate, to outright torture, depending on their view of how good or evil each victim race was. this was when most planets became wastelands of scrap metal blood and ruined civilizations.

By the time the universal war ended, most races only had a few planets left, and the average life expectancy for intelligent life had dwindled from millions of years to dozens of years, with the excuse that this way, one could only suffer for so long bodily.

The million year plus life span master races such as Little Green Men, Greys, and some Wolves feed off the slave races and the human race has been labed a slave race ever since it lost control of all it's original territory, after the war ended, habitats were created for some of the fallen races through taking dna and using it for tube births and the terraforming of the entire planet earth from empty space into what it is today, a zoo for the enslaved human race and a metaphysical hamburger restoraunt with us on the menu where humans get eaten invisibly from a distance by mystic aliens who do so via technology or outright magic.

The little green men ended the war by throwing away their culture their relegeon their art their written and oral history their wives and husbands and children, they went into the isolation of virtal reality abandoning their minds their bodies their very souls and everything they truly were, just to stop the universe from ending, they made and stepped into the mind control matrix, a nexus of universal control over the mind body and soul of flesh and steel also control over machines especially space ships.

The little green men then stopped space travel and forced non violence into the bodies and minds of most which caused a permanent stale mate of the universal war. Unfortunatly this killed the old G-ds of the different alien races and in their place the G-d original Death, or GOD system was put into place, which mimmicked the way that the first G-d in the history of the universe was born, through sacrificing his life by stepping into the fire to warm three of his dying friends in an ice age on another planet countless years ago.

Story has it he burned for days and days without dying giving his life to provide an endless heat during an endless snow storm. When he died, he became G-d, and when his friends finally died from the cold, they went to Heaven with him. He was a providing G-d and a G-d of the afterlife known as Heaven.

The G-d original death system created G-d from the death of adam, one of the first two humans the little green men put on earth, along with eve, though some say G-d was always here on earth, an aspect of both the Biblical reality of G-d and the G-d the little green men helped create are one in the same G-d.

After adams death he became G-d of earth and earths Heaven but different G-ds control different planets, though the G-d of the humans, as described in the Torah, tries to control the entire universe as best he can, there is always resistance from other G-ds

Though they paid a heavy price to create the mind control matrix, they still had one planet which adheres to the little green mens old ways, the dominant planet in the northeast territory of the universe. More on northeast later.

A few slave planets have been terraformed in the north territory but the greys do not know how to terraform a whole planet and they will not bow down to the little green men and accept a slave planet, so they remain second in command under only the litttle green men by refusing their help, and living a cold steril existance in a nexus of space ships that hover both in the physical and metaphysical plane on the north part of the map.


Northwest is the dominamt territory in terms of magic and the metaphysical it is the realm of the mind and the realm of mind control. With the universal stale mate brought about by the end of the universal war northwest territory has become quite powerful. Take the planet of the chatters as a prime example. A chatter is two and one half feet on average and their planet has 15 foot animals packed with muscle and a decent animalistic level of intelligence but even though the chatters are blind and haven't invented anything not even the wheel or fire, they are in full control because they see and communicate sonicaly kind of like a bat.

and this sonic language has powerful mind control properties the chatters control the giant gorrilla like creatures effortlessly as if they were robots.

This is hows it's done in northwest. No tech, lots of soul. The chatters are sort of the holy grail of the universe. They live 5000 years their heaven perfectly overlaps their earth much in the way heaven in judaism paralels Israel mixed with concepts of eden. Heaven in Hebrew is Gen Edan.

Chatters have matted brown red or black fur rarely a greyish or a yellowish tint accents their skin they poop alot and make alot of noise. what this adds up to, is if you contact a chatter for a one on one talk using the universal language of emotion known as flow to translate english or whatever language you speak to chatter and vice versa, the chatter will seem very evolved.

With a chatter possessing your body during one of these conversations much in the same way a ghost can partially possess to aid closeness, the chatter can even prouve it's superhaman powers.

With a chatter possessing me, I have tossed an object in a random direction in a pitch dark room, let out a soundscape verifying sonic noise, and then easily found the missing object, and i even redesigned my room based on my chatter friends specifications, and the table he put on the side of my room remains in the exact same spot to this very day, that's right, a race that hasn't invented the wheel yet is smarter in most ways than a human including interior decorating.

However, if you look at their planet using your mental connection with their planet and their race to shorten the distance, you will see a race that looks like a bunch of little monkeys shitting on trees in the forrest, almost merely a flock of birds in a rainforrest.

This contradiction defines the chatters. Talking too much with just one will drive it mad, but talking a little to many has even worse effects so pick a favorite and drive'em nuts if you can. But only if he or she makes you sane in the process.

You can adapt the aura of a chatter but like many inhuman auras there is incompatabillaty issues. A chatter has a faster heartbeat than a human and simply the phantom limbs (Chatters have six arms or legs or arm-legs it's hard to tell they often are balencing on all six) can cause mental discomfort that can lead to heart pains. But sitting in the dark, viewing their alien planet from a distance, is right up there with my favorite planet the planet the little green men have in the northeast territory, more on northeast later.

There is like on most planets, an immortal race on the chatter planet and a dominant race. on earth the immortal race is the dolphins and only dolphins can safely and consistantly reincarnate humans being the dominant race have not nearly enough good karma categorically as a species so unlike the pure race known as dolphins the parasitic earth destroying human menace has a hard time reincarnating to anything other than bones and nutrient rich soil.

On the planet of the chatters, we could call it the holy grail planet in english, the immortal race is also aquatic as it most often is. They look a bit like the head of a cat fish crossed with the body of a seahorse Red pourple and blue are their primary colors.

The chatters will sometimes ask these magical fish a question like what sight or color is like or if they are asking for a third party, the chatter will use the magic fish to mediate visual details such as their fur color to the third party.

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