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The Transendient Issue #24: JanVernerC
By Mars | 2009-11-10
JanVernerC is an extremely talented musician Who makes music as thought provoking as it is well put together. A maker of self described "heavy mental hip pop" He is one of Swedens Finest musicians. Any music fan should listen to his work.

The Transendient Issue #23: Magical Merk
By Mars | 2009-07-04
Magical Merk is one of the best musicians I've heard in 09. His Music has a fun brit-pop feel to it, but the lyrics are brainier than you might expect. His music has variety and substance and will cheer you up with it's magic.

The Transendient Issue #22: Mistress Malice
By Mars | 2008-10-20
Mistress Malice Is a beautiful and charming actress Who will be appearing in The Butterfly Effect Part 3. She was also picked as Miss Horrorfest 2007 appearing at the 8 Films to Die for horror conventions.

The Transendient Issue #21: Bowser323
By Mars | 2008-10-07
Bowser323 is the DJ of youtube he brings the best mix of house music on youtube. Check out his channel to find out about who's hot and who's not in the world of youtube house, dance, and electronica music!

The Transendient Issue #20: Derenzo
By Mars | 2008-10-07
Derenzo is one of the best singers i've found out about this year and anything he sings is a geniune treat to hear. Check him out now!

The Transendient Issue #19: Androidstar
By Mars | 2008-09-19
Androidstar is one of the all time greats in my opinion. He has been in several bands and also had a solo carreer. He is also an author and in this interview you will read more about that side of this exceedingly bright artist as well.

The Transendient Issue #18: Afraid of Everest
By Mars | 2008-09-19
Afraid Of Everest is a very fun to listen to and super talented musician who somehow finds the time to help out full time in the medical industry while making wonderful original and cover songs and putting them out there on youtube and myspace. He's a great guy, and one of my new favorite musicians!

The Transendient Issue #17: Update on Mars Darinder's 3rd CD
By Mars | 2008-09-01
He Must Be Saved He Must Be Damned Is a musical contained on a cd. Any direct resemblance to any real life person is entirely coincidental.

The Transendient Issue #16: What's New With Tay Zonday
By Mars | 2008-09-01
Tay Zonday Has Made alot of new songs latey like Cherry Chocolate Rain (It had it's own soda named after it.) Crash Into Weird And Explode and Chasing Eden and Remembering and Too Big For You

The Transendient Issue #15: Master of Hyrule Interview
By Mars | 2008-08-26
Master Of Hyrule Makes funny videos about video games which i think is pretty damn cool. He's kinda like Keanu Reeves from Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, except he travels through video game time and space, looking for that perfect video game death, and hoping his next leap will be the leap home.

The Transendient Issue #14: Jesse & Mike Interview
By Mars | 2008-08-26
JesseAndMike don't offer a guarentee, but if they did, i think it would be "Funny, or your money back!" they're just that funny. If i have a dime for everytime i laughed at a JesseAndMike video, i would be bathing in a pool of money.

The Transendient Issue #13: JSTACZ Interview
By Mars | 2008-08-13
JSTACZ is the new cool rapper in town. His rhymes speak for themselves, but he had agreed to do an interview with The Transendient nonetheless. At 17 he already has his carreer in his own hands and one can only expect great things from him in the future.

The Transendient Issue #12: Gilboa Coexistence Festival
By Mars | 2008-08-13
Israel will be promoting coexistence with the Gilboa Coexistence Festival. This event will begin August 26 and end on the 28th. Some of the absolute greatest Jewish and Arabic musicians ever will be there. Joe Cocker will headline.

The Transendient Issue #11: CIAM
By Mars | 2008-04-20
CIAM Are one of the best bands i've ever heard. They're songs will be stuck in your head for days and with John Fryer and Paul Corkett in their corner, they shall definitely go very far.

The Transendient Issue #10: GeHOF
By Mars | 2008-04-20
GeHOF has music with a positive message behind it and GeHOF's music is outstanding and very relaxing and i very highly recomend listening to his music and thinking it over as well.

The Transendient Issue #9: Argon
By Mars | 2007-12-22
Argon the aware has made one of the best computer animated films of all time, certainly the best written. It's called The Writers Nightmare and it's this author/directors latest epic.

The Transendient Issue #8: Morgan Harper
By Mars | 2007-12-22
Morgan harper is a lovely and cool singer songwriter her originals include Darling imperfection boys with their guitars and also she won the bratz movie

The Transendient Issue #7: Klara Mcdonnell
By Mars | 2007-11-20
Klara Mcdonnell is a singer-songwriter who has appeared on Irish television.

The Transendient Issue #6: Interview with Thalysiakeuh
By Mars | 2007-11-07
Thalysiakeuh has one of the best voices on the internet and therefore the world.

The Transendient Issue #5: Zondaymania
By Mars | 2007-10-11
TayZonday Tours with Fallout Boy

The Transendient Issue #4: Mostropurok
By Mars | 2007-08-10
Mars is the best damn Transend musician in the whole world. He's got an album out and one on the way. Here is his face. And these... are his words.

The Transendient Issue #3: Mars Darinder
By Zeus | 2007-08-10
Mars is the best damn Transend musician in the whole world. He's got an album out and one on the way. Here is his face. And these... are his words.

The Transendient Issue #2: Interview with Natasha
By Mars | 2007-08-02
Natasha (AKA Natazha or la1880) Is a Famous singer with a big following on Youtube. Not only is she quite talented, she has held fundraisers for tsunami victims, raising enough money for four playgrounds.

The Transendient Issue #1: Interview with Tayzonday
By Mars | 2007-07-27
Tayzonday is an internet based musician who sings origional and cover songs on youtube. He certainly has more real fans than many telivised musicians.

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