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Top 5 Weapons in Videogames List. Epilogue: This #List Will be of #Games That Impacted the Way Developers Made #Weapons. (The Sequel). Directed by #StevenSpielberg

Doom Shotgun 2

Videogame weapons are almost as important than videogame characters. In a first-person shooter, the guns get more screentime than the protagonist! In this article, we'll examine some of the most influential videogame weapons. Weapons that changed... the game.

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Mars Talks Videogame Turkey. In Defense of Mario.

New Mario U

When people complain about games like New Super Mario Bros. U, using them as examples of Nintendo not delivering high quality gaming experiences anymore, they are being unfair to Nintendo. Its like Mario keeps trying to kick the soccer ball, and princess toadstool keeps pulling it away. (Super Mario Strikers reference. What, you want me to make a mustache joke? how about a plumber gag, that would be refreshing as a sequel to CoD, Ghosts.)

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Curse of the White Wolf: The Troubled History of World of Darkness Videogames

Videogames based on White Wolf's World of Darkness universe have a way of... going horribly wrong. Whether it's Vampire: The Masquerade or Werewolf: the Apocalypse, White Wolf videogames are either canceled, released as a buggy mess, or drive the gamemakers themselves out of business.

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Length: The Ultimate RPG Element

There are many genres of RPGs. JRPGs, like final fantasy. ARPGs, like might and magic. Turn based, like final fantasy one. Active time battle, like final fantasy four. Real time with pause, like baldur's gate. MMO, like everquest. Tactical, like final fantasy tactics. Action, like elder scrolls.

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Bloody Good Time Game Guide
by Zeus | 2011-01-17
If Doom was a game of gladiatorial combat, and Team Fortress 2 is a sports game with balls replaced with bullets, then Bloody Good Time is a snuff film whose cast is made up entirely of serial killers.

Arc Rise Fantasia is the Best RPG Since Arc the Lad: Twilight of The Spirits
by Mars | 2011-01-07
Arc Rise Fantasia for the Wii is an old school without being boring or second rate or portable or budget friendly. In other words no apologies are offered for the fact that this is a turn based JRPG released for a major home console in 2010, and that's what makes it rock like 1994.

5 Reasons I Bought Elemental: War of Magic
by Zeus | 2010-10-02
Elemental: War of Magic is a fantasy 4X strategy game for the PC, developed by Stardock, makers of Galactic Civilizations. As a wizard-king tasked with restoring life to the broken world of Elemental, you're free to stride into battle like a magical warbeast, assemble a party and venture forth to complete quests, or glue your butt to the throne and micromage your empire.

5 Reasons I Bought Lock's Quest
By Zeus | 2009-08-18
Lock's Quest is a combination Tower Defense and Action RPG developed by 5th Cell for the Nintendo DS. Lock, a young Archineer, must fight to save kin and kingdom from an invaiding army of clockwork soldiers.

A New Perspective on Gaming
By Mars | 2009-04-05
No more First Person Crap!

5 Reasons I Bought UnReal World RPG
By Zeus | 2008-11-04
The UnReal World RPG is an independent PC game set in the Finnish Iron age. What sets it apart from most other role-playing games is an emphasis on simulating the harsh rigors of living off the land in ancient times. Instead of classes like Warriors and Wizards, you play Fishermen, Hunters and my personal favorite, a crazy old Hermit.

5 Reasons I Bought Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
By Zeus | 2008-07-09
Inspired by the original Star Trek, Strange Adventures in Infinite Space (SAIS) is a game of turn-based galactic exploration and simple real time combat. You're not here to conquer the galaxy so much as swipe a few alien artifacts and exotic lifeforms, then make it home in time to collect some cold hard spacebucks.

Underrated/Overhated: Shadowbane
By Mars | 2008-06-18
This game is the best mmorpg ever and i haven't had this much fun playing something called an rpg online since the old MUD's what with their deep class systems (i was playing a vampire who sucked blood for magic points that was made before legacy of kain for psone but i ramble unprofessionally.)

There's No Big Boy RPGs on Xbox 360
By Mars | 2008-05-12
When rpg's weren't imitated by license games action games sports games and even gang banger sims, rpg meant something.

5 Reasons I Bought Mount & Blade
By Zeus | 2008-05-09
Mount & Blade is a medieval open-world RPG, independantly developed by a husband-and-wife team from Turkey. It features mounted (and unmounted) real-time combat and "freelance" gameplay in the vein of the Microprose classic Darklands. And I totally just bought it.

Blacklash: How Accusations of Racism Force Blacks Out of Video Games
By Zeus | 2008-04-10
The strange story of video games are kept "politically correct" by banning an entire race of people.

White Haired Heroes
By Zeus | 2007-12-25
Why do so many of Japan's video game and anime characters have white hair and red robes? Zeus investigates.

Worst Videogame Bugs of All Time
By Zeus | 2007-08-03
Some bugs freeze your game. These could ruin your life.

Videogame Photorealism
By Zeus | 2007-07-07
Each new generation of consoles means insidious claims of "photorealism." But what is photorealism, an artistic style or a wild technological claim? Zeus investigates.

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